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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Gemeni

Miss Gemini is generally very hasty. He has much to read, much to write, much to learn, much to share. Like, if you were not part of her list of informational priorities, you could not even get into the attention or grace.

You can meet Gemeni at a conference, at a symposium, in the hall of an educational institution just before an exam, in a bookstore, at a newsstand or simply speaking on the phone.

If she realizes that she is looked upon, studied, admired, Geamana knows how to do the cousin (for Mercury, the governor of the Gemini can immediately put on any mask!), The unknowing, the helpless. Beware, therefore, of these "mental gestures" that betray a very quick mind!

If she has to go to a meeting, the Gemini woman may decide ad hoc to leave herself just because TV is announcing something going on at the other end of the world. Because he does not like to apologize, he will tell the story with excitement, perhaps with much embroidery from his own imagination, so that the man ready to countermand the encounter (convinced that he has no luck in women) to feel that the reason for the delay makes their destiny in two to be closely linked to the fate of mankind.

Adolescent of its kind, the Gemini woman can transform the defect of mental dispersal into a charming non-chastity. Why does not she emphasize femininity, as women do in many other zodiac signs? Because fashion, cosmetics and zorzoan leaves it cold.

Like her, the Gemini woman speaks a lot, but it's possible to mimic shyness, just to make sure she conquers you. He does not get in the wind after the guests at the restaurant, but he'll do his best to go out somewhere to test your manners.How do you conquer a Gemini woman?
Today, an invitation to the film has become obsolete. The claim that a "pretender" has a diploma may already be an old-fashioned matter, so a man may often find himself confused in front of this talkative, well-informed, clever little lady on all kinds of shooters and, above all, on all sorts of word games.

Make an effort and be more practical! The Gemini woman, like all the signs of the Air, has an unexpected sexual curiosity but also a shyness to deal with this subject, not necessarily theoretically (nobody is surprised) but practical.

Tell the Gemini woman that you need to help with a diploma work, tell her you have a great movie or that you have discovered on the Internet a real planetary scandal about Jupiter's rings. It does not matter that she will tell you that Jupiter has no rings! Recognize that you've been wrong, but still claims there's something exciting there on that site, and you need her help to understand it. Keep in mind, however, that this innocent lie must contain a minimum of truth, otherwise Miss Gemini will come out of your life urgently!

Praise her cell phone (if it's a state-of-the-art model), let her know about a new electronic dictionary, praise the family library, and show her the collection of stamps you've been keeping since childhood.

Move, intelligent and subtle, from the field of knowledge to the sphere of love, through delicate, airy, sparking preludes, impregnated by sense of humor but also by common sense. Miss Gemini has a keen mind and will figure out where the wind is blowing, so it's even possible to help if I repeat: IF YOU know "to play".

The Gemini woman does not need a brutal, instinctive, greedy boyfriend to play and "overtime". He likes the "thin" men, the scooters, the jokes, the lovers of the art of love, not as sexual performance, but as "stylistic novelties." If you do not fit these requirements, go ahead!

Although it seems that you want to talk about the moon and the stars, in reality, Gemeni is waiting for a Fat-Beautiful to fill her soul with love and free time (no matter if night or day) with amorous games.