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Cum cucerești o femeie din zodia Rac

Miss Cancer does not dare to get out of the world. And when it comes out, you can be sure it has given up the pressure of the family to "try their luck" to get married. For that, however, she should be in danger of becoming an old girl.

The Cancer Woman is very fond of her premonitions and perceptions. She knows that the heart's choice will find her when the time comes, and for the moment she trains to become a "very comfortable" woman who turns her home into a true temple of quiet. If you have traditional ideals, you can find the ideal wife and mother in it.

On the other hand, Cancer is a very pleasant and "full" being - not in terms of body weight, but in terms of the pleasure you can feel when you touch it. This lunar being by the condition of the zodiac sign (the Cancer zodiac is governed by the moon) has a pleasant carnage, consistent in the molatic, invisible, comfortable way.

The forms of the Cancer woman are like cakes well-grown at the gentle heat of fire or like fantasy cushions in which you feel like in a lifetime. Her breasts, always in love with an endless love, are made to fill any crunch, and their exaltation assures any viewer that under these daring circumferences there is a heart always ready for a love for ever.

No matter how virulent you are. Next to the nurse woman Cancer you can quickly become the No. 1 favorite of a good wife like hot bread. Her deep and infinite respect is the reward of the honor you have given her to make her the mother of the child she's been dreaming of when she's known.How do you conquer a Cancer woman?
Do not make the mistake of considering the woman good Cancer just by the saucepan! To convince yourself, you can invite her to a good movie or go for a walk with her at various exhibitions and museums.

The Cancer woman is part of God's mortals to keep us alive with the past of authentic values! River-romance, symphonic concerts, authentic folk music, and especially ballet performances can conquer it in the long run. It is not left behind either from a good disco or from a wedding party - but here begins also the clothing claims, in which the relationship with the past suddenly ceases.

Most enjoy women Cancer holidays and / or vacations spent in famous places or in refined hotels where impressive and quality linen impresses. Especially for these occasions, give her pajamas made of fine material, being loved by these linens, as well as laces with laces and furs and robe ... Cancer is a water sign that appreciates the beauty of everything that comes in contact with skin.

Cancer woman does not have the financial claims of Taurus woman, nor the radical claims of the Leo woman, nor does she practice sex as a Scorpio woman. But it has something pleasant and shrouding that provides safety and that makes love fusion like a tasty cake that you will feel the need to consume with all your being.

Do not disturb the existence of a Cancer woman unless you are a homemaker able to love her sincerely! If she realizes that you only want her for various forms of comfort, after having done the child she wanted she will forever ignore you, or at least until the baby becomes mature.

A welcoming and protective home, a well-kept grandmother, a garden with some fruit trees, and possibly grandparents on whose knees the offspring will play - all this can be ways to conquer the Cancer woman. If you want successful children, you know it's worth it!
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