At a table, in a bar, there stood a nene that held his glass over the glass. Every time he finishes a glass, he looks in his shirt pocket.
Intrigued, the bartender asks him:
- Why are you still looking in your shirt pocket after every glass?
- I have a picture of my wife. When I look beautiful, I'm going home!

At a beer, everyone is cheerful, only one is sad.
- Jon, why are you sad?
- I found my wife got AIDS ...
A long break ...
- I joking, guys. How did you turn yellow?

Two friends chat at the pub:
- Why should I buy a car if all my friends have and can serve me?
- That's what I told your wife when he asked me why I did not marry ...

A drunk wanders through the cemetery. At one point, he sees a guy who has two boys:
- Listen, brother, you two, give me one ...
"Yes, right now," she replies ironically. If you need, take the shovel and dig it!

At night, late, the husband arrives home, well done. Opening the door, he shouted:
- My dear, please scream at me, otherwise I do not get the bed in this darkness.

- Ce fel de sport faci?
- Clipesc când sunt beat. Şi uneori mai fac câte un atac de anxietate!

Two guys in a bar.
- How do I stop smoking?
- I've been trying for two months.
- With the pills you tried?
- Yes, but I can not ignite them.


- Hello! The Anonymous Alcoholic Counseling Bureau?
- Yes.
- Can you tell me, at pork sirloin with pint, what go wine, white or red?