It is important to keep our energy throughout the day. We can only do this if we pay special attention to our diet. If you feel exhausted, try one of these foods and get the energy you need to overcome fatigue naturally:1. Bananas
These fruits, rich in complex carbohydrates, natural sugars and amino acids, are a good remedy against fatigue. Bananas also contain tyrosine, an amino acid that produces noradrenaline. According to Rice University, norepinephrine increases energy levels.2. Black chocolate
Who says chocolate is not good for health, certainly does not know the beneficial effects of black chocolate. Studies have shown that it can improve cognitive functions. Also, black chocolate contains caffeine, so it's perfect if you have an exhausting day.3. Salmon
This food contains a rich dose of protein. They are not only necessary for our body but are very useful in combating fatigue. Salmon has fatty amino acids that help reduce inflammation associated with fatigue.4. Blueberries
These fruits are great for any diet because they supply the body with certain carbohydrates that increase energy and do not add much sugar. A Tufts University research has shown that blueberries help drive performance and memory performance.
5. Verdets
Bean, beets, cabbage and spinach are just some of the green vegetables that are natural help against fatigue. It is important to know that their leaves contain protein, fiber and antioxidants.6. Avocado
This fruit has fatty acids that can reduce inflammation associated with fatigue. Avocado also contains healthy fats that give you full energy.Recent research has shown that a diet rich in monounsaturated fats is far more beneficial than one rich in saturated fat in terms of increasing energy levels.

7. Hazelnuts
They contain a balanced dose of proteins and fats that maintain a stable blood sugar level. This counteracts fatigue and gives you a feeling of satiety. So, no matter how you prefer to eat nuts, they are a very healthy choice that you will not regret!8. Cereals
Cereals are a wise choice, especially at breakfast. It has been scientifically proven that people who start their day with foods containing complex carbohydrates (such as cereals) have much more energy during the day compared to those who opt for a high-fat breakfast.9. Eggs
Studies have shown that people who eat eggs at breakfast are much more energetic than those who only eat a bun, for example. Also, eggs are a great choice because of their high vitamin B content, which improves visual and verbal memory.10. Curry
This Indian food contains curcuma, a spice that helps improve mental function and relieve fatigue.