Our favorite movies and series
Unfortunately, it is true: the screens of our TVs and laptops do nothing but promote mindless eating, which means we eat without realizing that we eat and obviously without saturation. We are very preoccupied with the characters in "Mr. Robot, "and we forget that we eat, especially in tense moments in the series or film, which adds up adrenaline and asks for a snack ... or two. Instead of eating while watching TV, it's better to take a break and really enjoy the taste of your favorite food - we guarantee you will not have any cravings in the next few hours!In fact, you are not hungry, but thirsty
Did you know that many times when you are hungry, are you actually dehydrated? We simply confuse the thirst signals sent by the brain to the hungry. A simple trick to avoid over-eating and to stay hydrated during the day is to drink a large glass of water before and after each meal.Fatigue and lack of sleep
When you are not sleeping well or you are tired due to your work schedule, your body needs more energy (to read calories) to function normally. In addition, there is a risk that, due to a chaotic program, you can take the meals on the run and always at another hour. Statistics show that if you sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night and try to sleep half an hour earlier than usual, you will be more rested, and the level of cortisol (responsible for stress and hunger) in your body will declined considerably. The outcome? Fewer appetites and a better organized diet.

Low-fat foods
Although it may seem your ally in the fight with extra pounds, low-fat foods are not necessarily healthy and in no case should be consumed in excess. Even low protein meals are undesirable, as your body needs good fat (natural oils, nuts, dairy products) and protein (meat, eggs, legumes, soy) to maintain a healthy muscle mass. So avoid eating, diet low in essential nutrients and rich in refined carbohydrates, in favor of healthy and savory snacks: what would you say about a whole toast slice with avocados and humus, ideal for your moments hunger?
A sweet breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and one rich in sugar guarantees cravings throughout the day, so avoid as much as possible sweet cereals, pastries or juices and very sweet coffee. Why? Because once the blood sugar level begins to fall - that is, very early, because processed carbohydrates digest very quickly - the hunger will reappear, and you will be forced to eat or eat again. We recommend a balanced, protein-based breakfast, such as a vegetable omelette or chia pudding, prepared the evening before.Gum
Did you happen to chew gum and suddenly hear your stomach making embarrassing sounds even though you ate shortly before? This is because our stomach is programmed to eat chewing gum when chewing, so chewing gum stimulates appetite when you have no intention of eating. What can you do? Better prepare a refreshing drink of cold or cold mineral water, a few mint leaves and slices of lemon, cucumber, orange, or just about any fruit you want - moreover, you can not stay dehydrated and you are no longer hungry for a certain period!

 The people around you
... or more accurately, the aunt who always cooks excessively and always insist on eating more. Or your girlfriend when you go out to brunch. Or your lover - you understand the idea. We know you do not want to hurt nobody's feelings, but it's not okay to let yourself be convinced to eat without reason, no matter how often this happens. Take your heart in your teeth and tell the person that you are already sitting, that you have no appetite, or if you have already tried and do not work, suggest that next time you go for a walk or a movie instead of a restaurant.nostalgia
It sounds weird, but surely you've also eaten something, sometime recently, just for the sake of restoring pleasant memories or relieving emotional distress (as you did in high school with chocolate ice cream, you know?). Similarly, if you were raised in a family that did not leave the restaurant without having 10 appetizers, a main course, a secondary course, and a dessert, it is possible that this also translates into your eating behavior. Experts recommend finding other rewarding or consolation methods, and not using food for emotional purposes: go to the manicure or go out to a concert with your best friend. Alternatively, when you feel sweet, you are hungry and you can not help but choose the healthier choices: black chocolate and unsweetened tea, for example.