With the passing of 30 years of age, calorie burning will start to drop, and if for 20 years we were able to enjoy a cake without having too much conscience, it's a little different now. But, as we know, anything can be solved, only a well-planned plan will be needed.
If you create your own ritual and inspire yourself from the following tips, it is possible to win out of this battle.1. Remember the golden rules of weight loss
Of course, many things change after 30 years, but the basic notions of weight loss remain the same, regardless of age. Such as:
- You have to eat less. It does not matter if you eat only chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli, if you do not shrink your portions, it will be impossible to lose weight.
- The target should be around 1kg / week, but no more. You should know that weight loss is healthier, but also future, so it will also give you the chance to implement healthy habits such as daily exercise and eating more vegetables and fruits.
- You do not jump over the tables. When you skip breakfast or dinner, your body will think it no longer has to burn calories and store them.2. Choose your nutrients
It is good to remember that any amount of any nutrient consumed counts, and in a perfect world, a menu and a snack between meals should look like this:
- Vegetables or fruits: Half of your plate should contain vegetables and fruits, because they abound in fiber and water, so you will feel sit down without bringing too much calories in your diet.
- Low protein. In your plate, the food should be the size of a palm. Important sources of poor protein are Greek yoghurt, eggs, chicken and fish.
- Carbohydrates. Also, do not forget to include carbohydrates, which you can find in whole grains, beans, fresh fruits and sweet potatoes.
- Healthy fat. In limited quantities, these are essential for a healthy diet, so do not forget to consume olive oil, avocado, hazelnuts or seeds.3. Less, but more often
It is ideal to divide your food into three moderate meals and a snack or two a day, and if on your menu there are low calorie foods with a high volume, such as vegetables and fruits, you can feel the feeling of satiety easier.4. Be pretentious with "guilty pleasures"
Unfortunately, you can no longer consume burgers and chocolate just like you did at the age of 20 and expect to lose weight, but you can still enjoy your favorite foods, but it would be ideal to keep them for the moments when you dare to them. Also, before you go to the chocolate drawer, give yourself a little time and think if your body really wants that thing or you can replace it with something healthier, but if you decide you want to eat that chocolate, a great deal.5. Make more movement
It's hard enough to lose weight only through the diet, especially after 30 years, when hormones, like testosterone, tend to decrease. If you follow the recommended minimum daily dose of 30 minutes of daily activity, it is a good start, but then it would be ideal to get around 10,000 daily steps. Also, if you choose to train for 4 or 5 days a week, you can keep your muscle mass and burn more calories.6. Learn to know and be honest with you
If you are over 30 years old, it does not automatically mean that you have to give up certain foods to lose, unless you know for sure that the product is in the way of reaching your goal. Especially if a piece of chocolate will make you eat all the chocolate then that square is not good for you.
Finally, it's good to keep in mind that weight-loss strategies that suit you can change course, so it's best to find the ideal one for you and eat the foods that help you lose weight easily by weight and which are also beneficial to your body.