Fiber is an important nutrient that offers many benefits to the body. Fiber-rich foods provide benefits such as maintaining a healthy weight, a normal cholesterol level, thus reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Animal products such as meat, dairy products and eggs do not contain fiber; they are found only in vegetarian products such as vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and berries (beans, peas). The amount of fiber varies from one product to another. Fiber has no energy value (calories).
Here are 8 foods rich in fiber, but also delicious ways to prepare them for a flat abdomen and a healthy body.1.Of the oats
Oats are rich in fiber, regulate blood sugar, provide plenty of energy and fight fatigue. It has diuretic properties and helps remove water from the body. Since oat helps to relieve fatigue it is recommended to eat it in the morning to start your day off. You can prepare it in various extremely delicious ways.2. Lentils
This legume is a nutritional power. It is an excellent source of protein, it contains not only an important amount of fiber, it also contains iron and vitamin B. Try adding it to preparations such as soups or steaks.3. Chia seeds
They are full of protein, calcium and Omega 3, and a single teaspoon contains 6 grams of fiber. Put them in cereals, smoothies, yoghurt or make a delicious pudding with fruits and coconut or almond milk.
4. Peas
Considered one of the smallest vegetables, it is rich in fiber and protein. You can add it to soups, pasta, or salads.5. Black beans
Trend or necessity? It seems we should eat more vegetables of this kind. Like linden, the black bean is rich in fiber, protein and has a low fat content. It contains iron as well as vitamins and minerals. It is affordable, you can add it to salads or pasta.

6. Avocado
It has a high caloric content but should not be excluded from nutrition. Contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition to dietary fiber, avocado contains folic acid, oleic acid, lutein and other substances beneficial to the body. You can serve it with biscuits, whole bread or vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots or celery.7. Artichoke
This vegetable contains 10g of strong fiber and strong antioxidants that improve liver health. Artichoke is a wonderful plant with a low calorie content, which is unfortunately little known to us in the country for its gastronomic qualities.8. Raspberries
It is considered the fruit of the miracle being extremely delicious and rich in fiber, bringing a lot of benefits to the body. It strengthens the immune system and helps the heart to function as well as possible. You can enjoy it both in the form of a snack, but also in bakery products as well as in smoothies or frozen.