Many times, in this context, we are watching the most important and even natural foods that can really help you lose weight.
And when, although you have made efforts, the results are not visible, you will end up giving up this. So we suggest you give up the quit, give yourself a refresh and listen to your advice.
Louisiana State University has conducted a study that showed that people who eat nuts every day are 25% less likely to have obesity and the chances of having a broad waist are 21% less.
You will tend to think that nuts are full of fat and calories, but this is not true. "Nuts are rich in plant proteins and mono and polyunsaturated acids, so they are satiety foods that can help suppress appetite," explains Conel o'Neil, senior researcher and professor at Louisiana State University.
So a handful of nuts will bring you satiety, so you will eat less and lose weight.
"Only a handful of nuts (a quarter cup) can provide you with many of the important vitamins, minerals and energy you need in one day," says Maureen Ternus, executive director of INC NREF, a non-governmental organization dedicated to nutrition and education .
As a result, nuts are among the healthiest foods that will help you at the same time lose weight.