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I'm a high chick and I did not worry about weight until I was 22 years old. That until the extra pounds became obvious. And then it was already serious: 12 kilograms extra. I tried lots of low calorie diets, I counted kcal, I used slimming drugs, I went to aerobics every day and I did not have much results.
I recently understood that my method of addressing the weight problem was wrong. We try to lose weight without knowing the causes for which I grew up and continue to do it. Causes can be numerous. "How many hobbies, so habit!" There were two main things to me: stress and frequent snacks, which often became meals. I was often sad, being in a difficult personal situation, and I was calling back to get rid of my thoughts. I do not advise!
Following this experience, I learn a bit and still do it. I share a few tricks that I have put in place to help eliminate hunger, the number one weaker enemy:1. It is said 9 that out of 10 hunger sensations are actually thirsty.
If you are hungry after a meal, or you can not resist until lunchtime, drink a large glass of water. In 5 minutes you will forget about appetite! I get used to drinking a large glass of water in the morning and one big evening before I fall asleep.2. Keep an eye on how many meals you take per day!
The crowded schedule imbalances our table timetable and their number. Eat as much as possible at fixed hours and do not leave too much between meals. You can choose for less consistent meals between enjoying a healthy snack. Personally, I take a more consistent breakfast and a light lunch. In the evening, most of the time I was drinking a cup of chamomile tea. As snacks, at 11.00 I prefer blackberries, raspberries or strawberries, and at 5pm I eat a carrot or apple. Lately, I've got a little out of schedule too. It takes a lot of discipline!
3. Sugar measure.
Processed sugar creates dependence and heats a lot. When I can not control my sweet appetite, I'm a chocolate fan, I make my only sweets with very little stevia sugar. Most of the time, I opt for fruit or smoothie with carrot, marin and celery.4. Sleep is vital for balance!
I never had problems sleeping, I was asleep instantly. Until one moment, when I started sleeping very hard and waking up tired. Book a few minutes of silence in the evenings before bed, read something, meditate, sit on the bench in the park with you and leave the technology for the morning buzz. Sometimes even the classic 8 hours of sleep are not enough, especially if we have accumulated fatigue. Make a priority of this!5. The biggest change is silence!
As a way to relieve stress, I discovered meditation some years ago, but we do not practice it too often. It simply made me so comfortable. That's until I realize that stress is a major factor in weight gain: slow metabolism, low burning, downward immunity, and other medical explanations. A few months I attended a yoga class and remembered meditation. It is enough to stay in peace, with eyes closed and relieve stress. We tend to ignore the stress because it is not seen. Do not forget is the disease of the century!6. Portion of protein.
I'm not a fan of meat, and that brought me a lot of deficiencies, anemic and bad conditions, I had ugly acids down and very low cholesterol. I was forced to eat, meat and eggs for a while, and so I understood their benefit. I was hungry a lot less in the day because they are rich in fiber and give you plenty of energy. For those who do not consume meat are alternative solutions, it is also important to consider protein.7. Give up fast food!
The Bucuresters are dependent on pastries and fast food. Fast-food is based on harmful fats that are not just fat, but also addictive. Thus, from a burger and fries every few months, you get to count the weeks with a "fast visit" and your appetite seems to be on an ascending slope. If you do not have the time and resources to follow a healthy diet as a book, it opts for simple things: salads, fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats from nuts, almonds, fish or avocados. I'm always at hand, you just want to!8. Do not mind!
I did this as well as I did all. I grew 2 pounds after I quit because I was with the vitamins on the ground and lacking energy. Such a choice has repercussions on health. What you can do to get rid of hunger is to diminish the portions so that it is enough, but do not saturate. Most of the time, the ideal amount goes into your palm.
And perhaps the most relevant recommendation I can give you is to have confidence in yourself and your success. View yourself the way you want to look every time you are hungry, go out for a walk, love, be active, and see how it all comes by itself. Obviously, with a little at