But, have you thought maybe some things in your routine are not beneficial?
 You can start today to make some changes:1. Stop postponing the phone alarm
We have to admit that we are accustomed to doing this, but if we make a habit of waking up immediately, without delaying the alarm, it will be much better for our health. Every time you postpone the alarm for 5 minutes, you will start a new sleep cycle that will be interrupted. Since this cycle will be interrupted, when you wake up you will feel more tired.2. Stop making hot and long showers
Surely the pleasure is great when you sit for 15 minutes under the hot shower, but these showers are too relaxing for the morning. This type of shower will slow your heartbeat and make you want to sit back in bed or relax. Try to make short and not very hot showers to prepare for a new day.3. Do not drink coffee anymore
Obviously you do not have to give up coffee. Just in the morning. Coffee is recommended to consume at 9:30. If you drink the coffee sooner, it will slow your body's cortisol production, an essential hormone for maintaining many functions of the human body.4. Do not prepare your breakfast in the morning
To save time, prepare your breakfast in the evening. You will save time and energy. You can prepare pancakes, a boiled egg even grain. You will be able to sleep more and more carelessly to prepare your breakfast.
5. Do not check your emails or social networks anymore
If you stay in bed as soon as you wake up and start checking your email, you will only waste time. Leave them for later and prepare yourself, otherwise you risk your time being much more limited. I know the temptation is great, but she can wait until noon.6. Do not worry about your clothing
Get ready for the evening the clothes you want to wear the next day. If you do this in the morning, you lose a lot of time, and if you decide what you want to wear, you will notice that the dress you want is not ironed and can be delayed.
You can be more effective and get ready for a new day without rush. Try our advice.

Health & diet: Things to look out for in the morning to be healthier