It is said that fat on the abdomen is the most difficult to remove, but fortunately, there are certain foods that, combined with an effective workout in the gym, can help you get your abdomen much dreamed! Here are these:Monosaturated fatty acids
It is proven that monosaturated fatty acids reduce abdominal fat, and this is a very good reason to introduce them into your diet! These fatty acids can be found in avocados, walnuts, seeds and olive oil. But take care of the quantity, because these foods are not really low in calories.
Blueberries still have the effect of reducing fat from the abdomen, so do not hesitate to eat them either empty or combined in salads or smoothies. Pineapple is another wonder fruit that contains enzymes that help in digestion and cancel the feeling of bloating, keeping your abdomen flat.
Foods rich in fiber such as pears, berries, vegetables, beans and whole grains have the same effect - and in addition, they will keep your sense of satiety, so you will not eat more than you need.Say NOT to unsaturated fats
Unsaturated fats are very harmful to health in general, not to mention the abdomen. They are found in all processed foods such as granola sticks, grisins, biscuits, some peanut butter, and the list can continue indefinitely.
Avoid processed food, acidified juices and meat containing large amounts of unsaturated fat. Try to limit the consumption of sugar, be it from sweets, bread or other pastries. Also, try to consume moderately dairy products, because they will give you an unpleasant feeling of bloating.Try this combination of food
It is not necessary to give up carbohydrates and start a protein-based diet. A highly effective combination of foods that contain protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will help you get rid of body fat and fat around your waist faster. If you include all of these nutrients in your daily diet, you will notice how you will feel better, the hunger will not appear as often, and you will notice a change in how you look.