Our metabolism is much more complicated than a simple equation, and people think about what they can do to get a quick metabolism, just thinking about weight loss.
But it is essential that we also take care of nutrients, through what we choose to eat, that they can transform into energy that our body can consume later.
So fast metabolism means that the body functions in a healthy way. That being said, there are a few tricks in which you can keep your metabolism healthy, which we will discuss.1. The chest slowly
According to recent studies, you can boost your metabolism by simply changing how you chew food. They have shown that if you chew food very slowly you can lose about 10 calories on the table, which means 2000 calories a year in minus. Slow bite is crucial for optimal digestion, and this in turn is crucial to good health and will help you have a rapid metabolism.
It also helps with conscious eating. You have certainly heard about it taking 20 minutes until the brain receives that you're tired, right? This demonstrates that people who eat less slowly tend to take less weight and consume less calories than those who eat fast. A study in 2011 also demonstrated that participants who chewed each food 40 times lost 12% more fat compared to those who chewed 15 times.
2. Consume an optimal amount of protein
Choose to eat lean meats, fish and eggs as proteins will help and stimulate your metabolism thanks to the abundance of iron, vitamin D and omega-3. Try to think about your metabolism as a car, so if you feed it with the right fuel it will work perfectly. Our metabolism is dependent on the enzymes that facilitate the chemical reactions that take place in our body and these are created by proteins. Studies have shown that with increasing protein, muscle mass increases, contributing to rapid metabolism.3. For fast metabolism try training on intervals of intent
Following a recent study, it has been shown that intensity training is more effective than constant aerobic training. The training combines movements such as various types of jumps and genoflexions, which have a low impact, but with a high calorie burning.4. Consume more anti-inflammatory foods
When you experience digestive problems or feel bloated, this is just a way your body tells you something is wrong. The ideal is to stop adding calories and start eating the foods that are good for you. Tomatoes, spinach, almonds and strawberries are ideal anti-inflammatory foods.5. Do not wait until you get hungry
Even if it sounds a little weird, metabolism works best when you have regular, small and frequent meals. Hunger is a sign that your body needs calories for the proper functioning of metabolism. You should never feel hungry. Try to eat healthy foods during the day, such as raw almonds, fruits or vegetables, to keep the body in a normal state until the next meal.6. Transpire
We know, no one likes to sweat, especially on an important day. But that's not what we're going to talk about, but about the sauna. This helps you get rid of sweat, chemicals and body toxins that are known for weight gain. These can lead to fatigue, lust, allergies, obesity and high cholesterol.