But while some celebrities follow extreme diets just to give a few pounds down, others have turned this into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here's a selection of the best tricks of the stars, without completely depriving them of the pleasures of life.1. Take things easy and slow
Khloe Kardashioan sank 30 pounds in a year and a half. Why? She worked regularly and was willing to give up all the food she loved. It may seem a slower process than you want, but if you give yourself time to turn it into a healthy routine, long term can help you lose weight.2. Find creative ways to do exercises
No one is so busy that they do not exercise. Jenna Dewan Tatum says she was able to take down the pounds by jumping and raising her legs while she was dragging her daughter, Everly, for 45 minutes.3. Complete your training with several repetitions
Seriously, it can be as simple as walking. In fact, Jessica Simpson made about 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day (in addition to 45 minutes of weekly strength training) when he wanted to give up the pounds of birth. Even if you spend most of the time behind a computer, you can try several creative ways to move.4. Do not eat beyond the limits
Kim Kardashian says that Atkins's diet helped her get rid of a bunch of pounds, but at the same time she also left her a day to eat what she wanted, things that were forbidden in the diet. It's a smart move, but it's even better if you give yourself a pampering day instead of abusing for 24 hours, experts say.
5. Learn to relax
Have you ever heard of Reiki? Christina Aquilera says ancient Asian origin has helped her to weaken (because she kept her very relaxed). There are still no studies to show the effectiveness of this practice as a way to lose weight, but researchers have shown that if you learn how to reduce stress, it can help you lose more pounds.6. Make an event out of the training
Melissa Joan Hart weakened more than 70 pounds since giving birth to the third child a year ago. How did this work? The actress turned the exercise sessions into outings with friends, asking her friends to come out with her or her husband to run. If you practice with someone, the chances that this will turn into a routine will increase considerably.7. Do it for yourself and only for you
Finally, if you do not want to lose weight for yourself, you probably will not even see any result. That's what Jennifer Hudson discovered when it was about to move from size 16 to 6: "The key to losing is the following: you have to do it for yourself," she says. "It's not about starting a new chapter, it's about you. You have to want to do that. And you do not have to let someone stop you from doing this. "