Among our friends, relatives and colleagues there are characters that can be considered "toxic", harmful to the morale and good development of others. The relationship with these difficult people can be challenging and requires particular attention. The best way is to learn from successful people, who every day succeed in winning the war with people who have an inappropriate attitude.

Sources: 2018

They set some limits

"Toxic" people try to feed themselves with the energy of others and involve them in their problems. They do not want solutions, just to waste the time of others. Successful people understand that there is a limit between the provision of advice and the actual involvement in pessimistic emotional issues. That is why they set some protection barriers against such people.

He does not expect or ask for a change

When people have too much expectations from others, they consume their energy unnecessarily and generate a state of opposition among them. Successful people do not want to be "greeted" by a wave of dissatisfaction, blame and rejection from a "toxic" person. Simply asking for feedback and letting others decide for themselves.

Do not engage in unnecessary conflicts

Successful people know that energy is important. When it comes to fighting a harmful person, he has to prove self-control. By preserving feelings and energy, inspired people manage to "survive" for tomorrow and avoid unnecessary conflicts. These people carefully choose their campaigns and step right at the "front line".

I do not allow anyone to limit their happiness

Successful people are not impressed by the opinions of the people around them, often harmful. They are the puppeteers of their own happiness and the anniversary of a victory is not affected by the thoughts and toxic facts of those around.

Do not forget

Inspired people do not easily forget the injustices of others and want to protect themselves in the long run. Forgiveness is part of their success, but they simply do not want to be responsible for the mistakes of others.

They have a support system

Successful people know that fighting can not be done by themselves and to avoid moral and physical exhaustion, they surround themselves with exceptional people ready to help them in difficult situations.

I know how to relax

We might think that successful people never rest, but the reality is quite different. Thus, they know they have to remain optimistic, creative and proactive. All these things can only be preserved with good sleep. After a welcome rest, successful people manage to better control their stress levels and recharge their batteries to deal with the harmful people around them.

It focuses on solutions, not problems

The best way for emotional status to be "dosed" appropriately is by identifying solutions for the most difficult issues. Successful people focus on personal development and improve their circumstances, and their attitude is a positive one that helps reduce daily stress. Instead of focusing on the problem posed by harmful people, try to find a solution.

They have well-established barriers

Successful people can not have the same attitude towards everyone. That is why they have clear limits against those who think negatively and can "predict" their actions.

They are aware of their situation

Through self-consciousness, successful people manage to keep the malicious away. In this way, they can more easily manage the crisis situations, which, of course, are confronted with frustrated, frustrated and, in principle, "toxic" people.

Ignore pessimism, are followers of science, you do not have superstitions

Harmful people are irrational and chaotic. Optimistic people can not understand them and prefer not to respond to unnecessary chaos and frenzy, preferring science instead of superstition.

Does not pose in the victim

While harmful people can tilt the balance in their favor by assuming a victim position, successful people ignore such a "theater." Instead of being dominated by victimization, he prefers to be beyond the pessimism of others.

He does not judge others

Successful people do not judge those around them. They understand that such a habit creates addiction and can be detrimental to personal development. That's why people who want to succeed in life focus on compassion, understanding, respect and forgiveness.