From childhood I felt different from those around me. I liked to spend time with older people than me, to talk to them with profound things and to learn how much I can from their experiences.
Although I am only 18 years old, I can say that in these few years I have learned a lot of things. It's not easy to talk about them, because they hurt me a lot. But I realized that it's important to discuss and dissect them, because that way you get them out of the system and free yourself from the effect they have on you, psychologically and emotionally.
My parents' divorce was the most painful experience I've ever experienced. The abandonment I felt at that time broke me off. Maybe you are in the same situation and know that I fully understand your suffering.
I was 12 years old at that time, I do not think we totally realized what was happening. I know one thing, I had a terrible revolt in me and a pain I did not understand. Meanwhile, my parents were remarried, meaning that I had two different families, and I did not feel like they were part of any of them.
From the age of 16, I decided to stay alone, because we think it is the best and so it was. It has been extremely difficult for me. I felt I did not belong, I was not my lover, I was abandoned, and I felt very much alone. And it was normal, I only saw them a few times a year. I felt a void and inner pain so great that I thought it would never end. This was bothering me.
For many years I have been guilty of my parents for what I felt and for what I had become, but at some point I realized that if I did not go through what I had passed I would not have come to see and understand things as they do today. They chose exactly as they knew better and it is not my right to judge them in any way.
The years since I chose to be alone were the years I guided myself alone in life. I cried until I had no tears, but I learned to get up and move on. I wish to share with you the things I have learned during this period. And I wish you could see the positive side of things.I have learned that happiness depends on me
Specifically, the way I choose to look at the situations I'm facing. I do not make you happy the things you have, not even the relationships. Certainly these things contribute to happiness, but they are temporary. Happiness is a choice and it's your choice. Happiness comes when you're happy. I wake up in the morning and I think why I can be grateful today. You will see that there is at least one reason for you to enjoy. I feel extremely happy, for example, when I feel useful. That's why I'm looking for activities that I like. I write, read, dance, spend time with people who inspire me, help others.

I have learned to empathize with others
Growing up and going through all sorts of complex situations, I started asking questions. I was wondering why my mom, dad or myself is acting in a certain way. I realized that the people you perceive to be really bad are really overpowering, and that's their way of defense. Envy, wickedness, lie, manipulation, and all these things are spontaneous defense reactions. That's why I learned to understand them and not to condemn them. The only thing they need is empathy.
I also learned to be master of myself and to control my emotions. I do not react for the moment, I wait for the problem to pass, then I analyze it and see what I can do in this respect.I have learned that nobody and nothing is perfect
By seeing what my family has done, I've begun to wish I did not make mistakes. I wanted to continually evolve and do things right every time. I was very critical with both myself and the others. At one point I tired and accepted exactly as I am. I understand that it is natural to make mistakes, and what makes the difference is how I react to mistakes. It matters what I learn, and that makes me feel free.I learned to be independent
... not to depend on the opinions of others and to make decisions. I learned that if I want something, I have to fight until I get where I want. And the most important thing is that I learn that I can do anything if I work for it. Nothing is impossible.I have learned that it is normal to be sad too
Life, people, circumstances are not always the most beautiful. There is no therapy to make you flower power all the time. Life is made up of plain, hill, mountain, and back again. What matters is when you lose your power to get up and move on with optimism.

I learned to be careful about my needs

Let me know what I feel and why I need it. Let me carefully choose the people with whom I spend my time and decide wisely how much of my time I can offer.
I have learned that everything that is going on happens for a purpose

I know it sounds cliché, but it is not. I'm glad I went through painful experiences, I would not have been who I am today, and I think it would have taken me much longer to learn the things I know now. I have learned to accept things exactly as they are and not to cry. Self-destruction destroys you.

By any negative experience, God teaches you something and you will need this in your life, not now, but at some point for sure. And if you do not get through hard things, how will you be able to understand the people around you and join them? In the end, suffering brings joy, depth and wisdom.

Cad, but I get up, and that's all that matters.

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