Even if you want to admit or not, many of us are in a relationship with a number of expectations. But you can not expect your partner to change willingly for a relationship.

When love is in the air, we are willing to do anything just as the partner is happy. But sometimes we get overhead for someone who is not willing to change for a relationship. But one thing is certain, when you are in a relationship, your partner should accept you as you are, and vice versa.
The change comes gradually and can not be forced, especially if you want it, and your partner does not. All you have to do is love and accept your partner as it is. Actually, you want them to do the same, do not you?
If you happen to meet one of the following signs, you should not expect to change:1. Taurus
Bulls can be the embodiment of stubbornness that has gone to the extreme. A Taurus always knows what he wants from a partner and implicitly from a relationship. Stability and maintaining the current situation are very important for a Taurus. But there are exceptions. If a Taurus falls in love when he is young, he is capable of a significant change. But once they are convinced of their way, I am unwavering.
Do not let their stubborn nature scare you. There may be a good part in it. Once in love, I go on the idea of ​​everything or nothing. With that in mind, maybe it's not a bad thing not to change a Taurus.
2. Leo
The lions are made to be in love. For a Leo, if it does not have love in their lives, then nothing matters to them. While they are governed by the Sun, their vibration and positivity make them have all the attention and admiration on them. In the mind of a Leo, one thing is clear: if everyone likes it, why change? If you understand and accept the way a Leo is, you can expect him to do the same for you.
Leo forgives lightly and for this reason they will never expect to be different for them in exchange for a relationship that works.3. Scorpio
Scorpions are very sensitive, but at the same time they can be inflexible. This is important because it makes you understand why a Scorpio refuses to change for a relationship. Scorpions are authentic and for this reason changing for a partner is the same as making a fake compliment. He always follows what he proposes. Most Scorpions prefer their partner to have a life experience and to be honest with themselves. Scorpions will not make their partner change in the name of their feelings or wishes. I just want to know as much about the partner as possible.4. Aquarius
Aquarians are known for their unique, open-minded, open-minded way to me and the fact that they always live in the future. With all these features, you would think they are open to change. Aquarians believe that all people are equal, and this is also seen in the way they love and want to be loved. For them, changing partner also involves some things to repair. This feeling is completely disturbing to them. Love is not an obsession.
In reality, they would rather be alone than be involved in a relationship with someone who wants to change them. An Aquarius will always respect and encourage individuality and uniqueness better than anyone.