You look and you are perfectly capable of handling yourself. You never thought you needed a man to feel fulfilled or happy, maybe that's why you are showing an inappropriate or too direct attitude. You say things by name and you always have the initiative, which makes him think twice (tens) or before he comes to you, for fear of being dismissed without remorse.



You are not the most sociable person, and besides, you are also perfectionist. If you almost never want anything, passionate friends are afraid they will never rise to your standards. Always worried about working and serious, at work you are most likely to trigger passions, even if your professional skill can be intimidating.




 You are not the kind of woman who spends her time cooking or jumping shirts and this is seen from the first date. You always look impeccable, find solutions to anything and you have the air that you do not really care about anything. Every man is afraid it would be a mission impossible to impress you. So spontaneity and the fact that you almost never know what to do is disarming.


Too much discipline and ambition make you look untouchable. Nobody seems to be interested in having any qualities that are out of the ordinary, and as few as bank directors or presidents, it seems that you do not even notice them. In addition, you have the air that you know everything and that no one could be amazed at you. 




 You are too confident. All men want to be around you, and you leave the impression that you can have anyone, but you do not want anyone in fact. You have a lot of friends and many are so afraid you do not even think about taking your relationship to another level that they prefer not to try. You look perfect woman, too good to be true and, paradoxically, that's what makes many get around you.