The partner who loves you will try almost anything to make you feel good in your skin.
It is easy to say words, but they are not always supported by reality. When the words and energy behind them are not congruent, we have a feeling of discomfort. Something is wrong. Here are eight signs that say what she feels and really loves you.1. He wants to spend time with you
Although you both have a job, family and other commitments, someone who loves you will use all the time left to be with you.2. She has total confidence in you
If your partner does not question your words, it means he trusts you. A partner who does not wonder where you are if you come home late or do not look at your mobile phone bill shows the kind of trust that demonstrates real love.3. Follow your opinions and views
It is normal to have different opinions on certain topics. However, someone who really loves you will respect your opinions even if they disagree with them.4. He wants to know how your day was
Someone who truly loves you will ask how it was your day when you are together. He wants to know if he can help you with something or just be there for you.

 5. She likes to connect with you emotionally

A partner who really loves you will not be afraid to be emotionally open. She wants to share her emotions with you. And he will not be afraid to connect with you to a deeper level, to listen to your deepest feelings, worries and desires.

6. Looks deep into your eyes

Someone who looks elsewhere while you talk is either hiding something from you or is not interested in what you have to say. A partner who really loves you will be deeply drawn to your eyes as you talk. It will look deep into your eyes, even if you do not say anything.

7. It makes you feel good in your skin

The partner who loves you will try almost anything to make you feel good in your skin. If your partner tries to make you see things pink when you complain, it is a sign of care and love for you. Try to be aware of that.

 8. It includes you in his decisions

A sign of love and respect is that your partner includes you in his decisions. That means he likes to be part of their lives. Asks your opinion and takes your advice into consideration when you give it.

 Love & Sex: 8 signs that she really loves you