One of my friends always says holiday is freedom. I mean you do exactly what you want, when you want, have no rules, no program.That's exactly what I did on vacation. The rule was to have no rule, no program, and no "need".The necessary break from technologyThe first thing I felt about doing was to split my phone, so some of the friends I did not even know I was leaving on vacation were gone. And maybe the most unusual thing was that I did not feel the need to take a lot of pictures, except the few that I shared with you on social networks.I felt the need to just sit and enjoy every moment and every ray of sunshine. Years ago, I could not have lived without a list of things I had to do on vacation and about which I could tell when returning. I had the impression that the trip was wasted if we did not do anything daily and not immortalize everything.Time for simple thingsWell, this time I did not have a list, nothing to tick. I did exactly what I felt. And because I took these few days off after a very busy time, I only reserved the time for simple things: I ate - and still very good, deh, or I did not have anything else in Sicily - I stood at the beach, swam , I walked, I read and slept. For me it was the perfect vacation. I totally disconnected from everything and everything, which I really needed.

Feel the things that surround youAnd in fact, in such moments you disconnect yourself from your everyday reality, from all the problems, from everything that surrounds you and gives you headaches, from all those daily responsibilities. You really relax, and this gives you the opportunity to look at the things that surround you from another perspective, without pressure - you are an observer, not a man on the run who does not grab anything. It's still a reminder that vacation is not just something that happens at one point, but a state of mind that we forget so often.Return to selfI invite you to take time for yourself, find out what is really important to your soul, and if the first impulse is to say that you do not have time, I recommend you to uninstall social networking applications for a few days. You will see that you will gain more time, with which, at first you will not know what to do. But that's what I'm going to tell you more about in another job. 🙂

Love & Sex: Free yourself completely when you go on vacation