Leave should be a period of rest and relaxation, from which to return with the charged batteries, but in most situations it happens to come back from vacation more tired than you left and it is difficult to get back to the office.You know the feeling. But how would you live your daily life as a holiday? Sounds impossible?Today I asked Constantine Cornea, a psychotherapist, if there is a magical solution for that."I will use two terms: vacation and leave," says the specialist. "Leave is the number of days the employer can offer. Holiday is a state of mind that can be found anywhere, anytime. Because it is within us, because it depends only on us, on the way we build our inner world, but also on the external relations ", explains the psychologist.But how do you discover this state? "The simplest example is if we look at a child for a whole day. He wakes up with the desire to play and to sleep with the smile of the satisfaction of the day that passed and the taste of the day to come. For him, life is a game. No promise of life links and no expectations of certain qualities. Everything then sets, from ad-hoc rules, to roles that change as you blink. Because life is a game and it has the purity of childhood, that equilibrium that a mature man searches everywhere and finds it increasingly rare, "continues Constantine Cornea.Live every day as if you were on vacationThe psychotherapist even gave me some ideas of how to turn every day into a holiday. Here's the secret:"On your daily holiday you enjoy coffee or morning tea, enjoy the lunch menu or watch nostalgic from the wheel or from the balcony a sunset, the stars or the moon. Holiday is anywhere around, you just have to see it.Then the weekly vacation can also benefit from a sum of ingredients, such as a show with one of your favorite bands, a dance with your partner that can re-engage the fire or maintain it, a delicious art movie without the popcorn and juice , just with a story that makes you dream with your eyes open. Or a psychological film that puts your mind at the helm. Or a comedy? Since when did not you laugh? On saturated? With your partner, with your friends? ", Recommends psychotherapist Constantine Cornea.In addition, you choose to make a sport that you really like."And when I say sport, I do not mean the torturing hours in the gym. That's not sport, it's torment. That's why you do not lose it. Or quickly gain weight again. After the sport, you no longer have any need. After the sport, you feel just tired but happy, "says the psychotherapist.Equally important are the exits in the city, with friends, or why not, alone. Take the city at least once a week. You will surely discover other new places every time. Build as many memories as memories of holidays are always the most enjoyable, are not you? It is important to be open and to enjoy the little pleasures of life. I'm right under your eyes!