A creamy smoothie with blueberries, adding some ice cubes, can be the perfect breakfast for the hot summer mornings. Combine these ingredients to make the best cranberry smoothie!
Blueberries are among the berries that bring a lot of health benefits. That's why we have to take advantage of finding them in markets and eating them as often as possible. Besides the significant amount of antioxidants, which are essential for the health of the body, the blueberries are very good for the brain, heart and colon. An extra reason to include them in your daily snacks or breakfast, over the oatmeal, or in a healthy smoothie.
For a smoothie to be nutritious and to provide all the good nutrients for the body, it must contain, besides blueberries, a source of protein plus a good fat. Therefore, a good option is to use peanut / almond butter, hemp / chia seeds, almond milk or Greek yoghurt, which contain high quality protein. One of the best sources of healthy fats that will give you a creamy texture for your smoothie is avocado. We recommend you try this recipe, which we adore!


Ingredients for the best smoothie with blueberries:
A handful of wild or cultured blueberries
1/2 banana
1/2 avocado
1 tablespoon of peanut butter or almonds
1 cup of almond milk (or less, depending on the desired consistency)
1 teaspoon of chia seedsMethod of preparation:
Bananas and avocados are put in blender, covered with some milk and mixed until homogenized.
Add the remaining ingredients and the remaining milk, stirring it all well until a creamy smoothie is obtained.
Depending on the desired consistency, you can add or reduce the amount of milk.

 Gastronomy: Best cranberry smoothie for perfect summer mornings
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