If you've ever been anxious about something, you already know it's about anxiety. This usually works from the thoughts you have, and sometimes the mind gets to play. It often happens before bedtime, anxiety decreases the quality of somon, but fortunately we have ways to reduce discomfort before bedtime.

Talk to a close person
Whether it's a significant person in your life, a family member, or a friend you love, call him to give you a sense of comfort. The topic of discussion is not very important. It can be about your activities, about what's embarrassing you, or even about a funny picture you've seen.

Stop all devices
It's no secret that most of us need a serious technical detoxification, but this must be done especially before bedtime. Turning off the devices will eliminate the temptation of comparison, over-thinking and all the negative things that can come to our minds from spending many hours in front of a screen. Harvard Health recommends shutting screens two or three hours before bedtime.

Read your favorite book
Choose a favorite novel and sink into an inspirational story before bedtime. This helps you to disconnect from all the thoughts that cause anxiety.

Make time for yourself
We often dedicate ourselves to other people and forget to make time for us. Get yourself every few minutes a few minutes, why not longer and spend time with you doing what you like. Go for a walk, play with your pet, go yoga, meditate or adopt a new self-care routine with a new face mask or relaxing bath.

Listen to soothing music
Music has a powerful effect on us. It can cause all kind of feelings, it can easily introduce you in a state of calm. Choose a song list that makes you feel good. Feeling anxious can be quiet with a dance session to clear your mind.

Write in a diary
A journal can be used for a wide variety of things like expressing your personal emotions or aligning your ideals. Think about one night what you are worried about and write those thoughts in the journal. This relatively simple practice allows your mind to release and move on.

Do not deviate from routine
Your mind and body are built for routine, especially when it comes to sleep. Choose a reasonable bedtime and try to respect it to create a sense of peace and order. Get your sleep done through activities that you do consistently, such as a refreshing shower, tooth brushing, a good night for a good dog.

Use essential oils for relaxation
Essential oils can be used for many diseases, including anxiety. Odors like lavender, rose and camomile help calm your mind. You can use some drops of your favorite oil behind your ears or in an essential oil diffuser to give the rooms a relaxing smell.

Use a tool whose sounds help you relax
When anxiety becomes more and more abundant, our thoughts can become difficult to ignore. This is why a solution to prevent this may be to start a relaxing bedtime that can help remove these thoughts and replace them with constant noise. Also, if you do not have a deep sleep, the instrument will cover any noise that could awaken you.

Have a cup of tea
To relax after a busy day, a cup of tea can do miracles. An anxious mind can often be combated with a hot tea, preferably drank from your favorite cup. This ritual can be complete by adding a good book or inviting somebody to love you.
Anxiety is not a joke and should be treated with serosity because unfortunately it can steal some good hours of sleep. This affects our lives in many ways, including by aging or making us withdrawn. Try some of these night rituals to reduce anxiety before bedtime. You will be able to sleep with a clear and relaxed mind.