The strong woman is the woman in the fantasies of all women. Unfortunately, not the men, because too few are the ones who can keep up with her, most of the time intimidated by her presence.

You are looking to be a strong woman, because when you become one, you will learn to enjoy life more and you will receive with open arms what she has most beautiful to offer you. You will love people and you will love yourself, you will want to do more good deeds and you will be an example to follow. A strong woman is not at all a tough woman, but a sure-footed woman, but gentle and unquenchable.

The qualities of a strong woman

1. Search every day to evolve. This does not mean that she has to be a woman who was award-winning in school years, who finished two faculties and spent half of her adolescence reading. It does not matter how you have been in the past, it is important that you are a strong woman and a strong woman interested in knowing who motivates her, inspiring her and helping her to improve her knowledge. Read, go to the theater, watch from time to time on a documentary and anything else that's fun.

2. It is not an option for anyone. The strong woman realizes when it is not a priority in one's life, in both friends and a man, and does not accept the role of ... the second option. If it's only called Saturday at 22:00, because the person did not find someone else to go out with the city, it's best to expect a refusal from her. And it's not that she wants to be a priority, but she's bothered by the people who turn to her just when they need it.

3. Eliminate the toxic people around her. This is a condition that we should all respect, but we do not take too much account of it. The strong woman, however, is the one who has no time to lose with people who do not bring him anything good spiritually. And that's because he struggled a lot to heal inside and suffered a long time to become what he is today.

4. It does not care what other people think of her. It was not easy for him to even reach this point. He cared very much about what others are saying to understand that he can not control what they say and what others do. She made peace with her, and she understood that as long as she was reconciled with her, what the others say does not matter, because the others do not really know her.

5. It is accepted as it is. In order to be strong, a woman must accept herself with good and evil, she must know her weaknesses and strengths. When you accept and learn to respect and love you, everything around becomes easier to bear.

6. She is happy even when she is alone. One of the main goals of a strong woman is to become her best friend, because when this happens, she is happy regardless of whether she is surrounded by many people or is alone. She loves to walk alone, to have her coffee alone on the patio, a Saturday night is never boring for her, because she has a bunch of small plans for time spent with herself.

7. Has a small group of friends. What do you need many friends when you have 2 or 3 people who are unconditioned with you and spend the most wonderful moments ?! Yes, keep a good word and a gram of love for all who surround you, be present when I ask for it, but as a strong woman you have a small group of friends and you are more than enough.

8. Do not accept the lack of respect. There are very few who dare to criticize it in the face. Because she respects and knows her values, the strong woman will give a tough reply to the one who criticizes her for her dress or the way she looks.

9. Unsure men are afraid of her. I am sorry for insecure men, because they will never be able to deal with a direct, confident and unforgiving woman like a strong woman. An unsafe man will feel uncomfortable in her presence, because she will have nothing to offer and will not accept that she is intelligent and funny.

10. Do not be afraid to take the first step. The theme of being rejected? Fear of failure? Please! A strong woman knows what she wants and does not hesitate to go and ask. A strong woman is not discouraged after the first failed attempt.