Every time you sit on the yoga mat, you give yourself the opportunity to learn all sorts of lessons.
Sure, maybe you initially thought you were going to yoga because you want to see if you get out and get those complicated positions, but you will see that when you get out of the training room you have new information about yourself, about those around you and about world. If you keep going and have your mind open, there are many life lessons you can learn from yoga - after all, you are your best teacher and every time you sit on your mattress you are rediscovering completely new ways.
If everything I said above appears to be in the category of "hurrying hiccups", I understand you. I used to think yoga is just a workout that makes me more flexible and yes, if you practice it just for the physical benefits, it's ok and so.
But for me, what originally started only as another form of sport gradually turned into the opportunity to discover me emotionally in ways I never thought possible. Yoga exercises have been with me in times of depression, pain, confusion and turbulent changes, and have constantly and patiently reminded me that I am stronger than I thought.
Because yoga is a gateway to acceptance, self-love and unconditional compassion. Here are the lessons I have learned over time.How you like that you live
The most important lesson we learned about yoga is how much I control my reality how I think. When I first started practicing yoga, I focus rather on how difficult positions were, how weak my muscles were and how much pain I felt. Over time, I learned to control my thoughts and give up the negative ones that did not help me. Instead of focusing on how my muscles burn in a certain position, I'm just teaching my emotions that I feel, focusing on breathing, and trying to live at the moment without focusing on suffering. When I applied this rule outside the training room, I realized I did not have to stress myself with the negative things that happened to me. Everything is how you choose to see things. Now I know how important it is to think about the things that I can control and that will go out well instead of being caught by the agony of those I do not have the power to change.

Weakness is, in fact, a force
Of course, at first I did not leave all my positions. The tendons stubbornly did not help me, and no matter how much I wanted, I could not move as fast as I wanted. There were times when I was injured because I exaggerated, but that helped me to learn to be more gentle with me, to understand my body and not to compare my progress with others, but only with my own the day before.It's so good to stay completely immobile
Yoga taught me the power to stay completely immobile. Savasana looks like you pull a nap, but the fact that you are completely present at that moment, completely relaxed, helps you to start your journey to yourself. Uncluttering brings the benefits of yoga practice from the outside to the interior, to the spirit. In Savasana you completely teach your life, create space inside yourself for a pure, pure peace that helps you enormously, even if only for a few moments.Nothing is ever alive
Nothing lasts forever, be it a position, an injury, a state in the plan, everything is temporary. In yoga, as in life, we like to attach to what we like and to avoid what we do not like. But when you are in the middle of a workout, you realize that everything is in continuous flow and if something hurts in this second, in the next second you will feel a huge relaxation.Yoga teaches you to be a better person
Sometimes I wonder how I've managed to go through life without the things I've been aware of during yoga exercises. Yoga taught me how to live my life in a way that celebrates goodness and compassion and showed me how important it is to accept myself as I am. In addition, she taught me the importance of treating others in exactly the same way.