We know what it is like to want to leave your hair free, without ending it by catching it in a queue, using all sorts of gadgets to curl or straighten it. But if you start to know about the products right, you can get silky hair, as you always wanted. When your hair is fine from roots to peaks, it means it's really healthy.

Be careful when you wash it

When you wash, you tend to clean only the roots without worrying about peaks. Not only do they get a lot worse, but they get a lot more dry. In the case of straight hair, natural oils come from roots and tops very quickly due to gravity.

Cuddly hair needs a lot more careful care, because oils go a long way to hydrate peaks. People with cold hair should not wash so often, but if they do, it is advisable to use a purifying conditioner to separate the hair from the secreted oils.

Spin when hair is dry

Most of us are not so delicate with our hair when we comb it. As you handle your hair, its cuticles suffer. The easiest and easiest way hair will no longer suffer is to use a special brush for wet hair. Start first with peaks, and then with the length of hair and roots.
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Use a T-shirt to dry your hair

The towel method around the head is not the best option to dry your hair, because it will break much easier. It is advisable to use a cotton sweatshirt and just absorb from the excess water that the peaks have, without rubbing your hair because its texture will suffer and you will not have that silky hair you have it want.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

The reason why your hair gets tangled much easier than usual may be the face of the pillow you are sleeping, especially if the fabric contains cotton. Cotton absorbs the oils that hydrate your hair, while silk or satin pillows hold on the length of your hair, giving it a healthy look.

Dry your hair with cold air

You will notice a significant difference if you replace the hot air of the hair dryer with the cold air. Not only will it block the excessive volume, it also helps the cuticle. Make sure that the direction from which cold air comes is from roots to peaks and use your fingers to make it much easier.

Eat healthy fats

Nutrition plays an essential role in the hydration and appearance of our hair. It's hard to have silky hair with those healthy reflections if you do not stick to a diet made up of natural foods. That's why it's important to eat healthy fats such as nuts, avocados or salmon. Even Omega-3 supplements can be helpful. You also need to hydrate and drink plenty of water every day. Maybe it sounds strange, but if your skin is dry, then your hair will be the same.

Add sodium bicarbonate in your shampoo

Sodium bicarbonate increases the level of surfactants, acting like a hair exfoliator. It also has benefits on the scalp. Add a little sodium bicarbonate in your shampoo, at least once a week, for effective cleaning and natural looking.

For silky hair choose products containing keratin

When you buy hair care products, look for the ingredient called keratin, a substance that provides that silky hair look on their label. Keratin helps restore hair resistance, especially in damaged hair, because it acts inside the hair.
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