There are some very effective relaxation techniques to calm ourselves in difficult situations and to find inner peace. One of the most appreciated comes from the Japanese and is hundreds of years old.
Stress is related to many health problems, but it is a factor that is part of our everyday life, which is why we need to learn how to manage it effectively. There are some very effective relaxation techniques to calm ourselves in difficult situations and to find inner peace.
Stress in small quantities can be even beneficial as it helps us get out of the comfort zone, think differently, look at the situation from several angles so that we make the best decisions. It is very important to learn to use it in a positive way in our lives; otherwise it will be a real nuisance not only for the mind but also for the soul and the body.
There are many ways people have tried over time to master daily stress. Nowadays, more and more people use methods such as meditation, exercise, massage, yoga, pilates, listening to the right songs or even watching a movie.
However, there are some hundreds of years old methods that are not so well known and that are very effective in fighting stress.
One such method is this Japanese technique that many people say reduces stress in just a few minutes.Why not try older relaxation techniques to eliminate stress in our lives?
According to Japanese technique, each finger is connected to specific emotions. If you know what these connections are, you can handle many problems.

Here's what this is about:
- Your thumb can help you get rid of anxiety and worries;
- the index finger can help you overcome your fears and trust you;
- the middle finger can help you control your feelings of anger, anger and bitterness;
- the ring finger can help you treat melancholy and depression;
- Your little finger can help you stimulate self-esteem, restore optimism in your soul, and eliminate the stress of your mind.How do you put this relaxation technique into practice:
There are two ways to perform this exercise.
1. With your fingers on the left hand, pull your thumb from your right hand until you feel the pulse, then continue with your next finger. Finally, you can place a slight pressure in the center of your palm with your thumb on the opposite hand for 30 seconds-1 minute. In this way, you can get a deep relaxing state.
2. Depending on the emotion you want to work with, grasp your finger and massage it for a minute. After a minute, tighten your finger using your fingers from the opposite hand.

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