That you may receive and not be what you need. I think you've often heard this expression in American movies. I, one, have been in my mind since my childhood without being aware of what it really means.
I did not understand if you wanted something and you might not have to. You just wanted that thing, why would not you want it?And, as usual, when I ask such questions, existence does not delay to give me the answer.
In life, I have often experienced this experience, but only a few examples have been clearly identified in my mind and today I will tell you one that is most relevant.I never wanted to leave the country ...
... to move, to live elsewhere, but in the last few years I thought it would be great to live in California. It seemed brilliant to have so many extraordinary things, such as access to conferences with various interesting speakers, organic shop paradise, a yoga studio at every corner of the street, meditation halls, a climate to make you you feel privileged and more. I had so many reasons to want to go to live in the land of health.
I was thinking about it every day, and I really prayed for God to find a solution. And as God is up and listening to all we want, he gives me what I wanted with so much fervor. He has organized the perfect way to move me to California: a man with whom I have begun an incredibly beautiful relationship.Every month we leave and spend at least a few good weeks.
Things were so beautiful, just as I imagined, especially because I had one of my good friends there. But after a year of traveling and returning, I began to feel at every departure that took more than a month that I was missing something. It was wonderful there, but it was not complete.
Although I had everything I wanted - a healthy lifestyle, great places where I could go anytime, the paradise of organic stores and the latest trends in health - I missed my home. Every day I missed my family, home friends, work and everything I had at home, especially as the distance and the time zone difference were so great.

Enthusiasm from the beginning has changed ...

... and I wanted more and more to come home, which I hardly decided to do in the end. I realized that I wanted to live in Califormia because it seemed to me wow for various rational reasons, but my heart showed me that it was not what I really wanted.

Sometimes we make decisions that can change our lives without being the best for us, so you have to think about whether you really want that thing or just attract you for rational reasons. Because if you choose the second option, it may not necessarily make you happy.

So what I recommend you do is to think well why you do what you want to do after you make a decision.