What can we do to keep our young and healthy brain as long as possible? Discover below the most beneficial habits you can adopt.

Stress, agglomeration, chaotic lifestyles and pollution make our brains slow and secure. That's why it's good to train him / her daily for a long, healthy life. Neurosurgeon, Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, head of the Neurochirurgia Section at Sanador Hospital, recommends some simple, but important steps for young people without old age.

Be positive!
It is not in vain to say that we are what we think. For example, if we think negatively, we draw negative experiences and we are even more vulnerable to illness, says the doctor. Instead, if we are optimistic and always see the full side of the glass, the immune system is ready to fight anything.The brain needs a restful sleep.
"The best sleep is between 10 and 12 nights. Rest is maximal in this interval, so it's the appearance of the "soldiers" who are doing brain cleansing, so to remove everything that we have accumulated during the day. If we have activity between 10-12 night, what happens constantly, I do not let the brain rest. Overwhelming exhausts the nervous cell, and in time can lead to dementia and Alzheimer's, "says Professor Ciurea, who has performed tens of thousands of brain and spinal surgery.Wake up early.
Even if it's going to be hard at first, try to wake up early. Professor Ciurea explains: "This morning's awakening, followed by some rejuvenating exercises, plus a glass of water at room temperature, cleans the body. Open the windows wide, breathe deeply and smile. The best friend of the brain is the smile. It's great to start your day like this. "Do not jump over breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, say all doctors. Studies show that breakfast is essential for stimulating the brain. In the morning, she eats only and puts healthy foods in the plate.

Adopt a Mediterranean diet.
Have you ever wondered why Greeks live longer than the rest of the Europeans? Fruit, vegetables, fish and cheese consumption provides good brain activity and a long life. In addition, do not forget to hydrate. Water plays an essential role for optimal brain activity.He never gets angry at home.
If you start nervous and agitated, you will continue until the night you come home. Your brain needs to be relaxed and quiet if you want productivity to be at its peak. Get out on the door with a wide smile on your lips, even if a busy day is waiting for you. In addition, do not let your traffic spoil your mood.Reading stimulates your brain.
Equally important is reading daily. In the century of modern technology, books have been replaced with gadgets. But scientists say reading is very beneficial. Even a few pages a day can make a difference. Memory should not be left to laziness, so stimulate your brain all the time.Socializes outside the virtual world.
Socialization holds your brain healthy. "We isolate ourselves in the phone and in the tablet, and the brain gets sick. People need to socialize. We are made to live in social groups, not isolated. The exchange of ideas leads to the development of brain structures. Today there is no socialization, and discussions are more virtual, "says the neurosurgeon. Meet your loved ones as often as possible and do not waste your time in toxic relationships. In addition, to get rid of technology addiction, replace it with "another drug" that stimulates your brain: sports. In order to have the desired benefits, the movement needs to be done outdoors, "Dr. Ciurea recommends.The weekend takes a break from technology.
"It would be advisable on the weekend to close the phone, so that we can no longer be subjected to his aggression. Mobile phone is a necessary bad, it is important to find the balance. Try not to use it excessively and do not always keep it in your ear - use the earphones. "(Prof. Dr. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, neurosurgeon). In addition, the doctor recommends that free time be spent with the gang outside outside the screen.


Try to practice meditation, yoga and reflexology as often as possible. It is proven that these alternative therapies help remove stress and all the negative elements.
Be present in your life!

Besides all this, it is important to be present in your life and to live consciously every day. Take care of the health of the brain, but also of the entire body. Just so you can enjoy your youth for as long as possible.