There are some sort of desires. But those who are always fulfilled and who bring us the greatest joy are those that come from the heart. These are the desires that make us well, which are connected with the mission of our life, with our evolution and the highest good of those around us. And that's because when you realize that we are all one, permanently interconnected, and that what we are emitting returns, our neighbor's good, that it is a distant continent, starts to count.

You know when desire comes from your heart when it has nothing to do with your thoughts or your mind. It's like a cry that comes from the soul because it feels like it's time for something to happen or someone to appear in your life. Therefore, the desire that comes from the heart is burning, formulated plainly and clearly. The soul has no doubt that it will be fulfilled because it trusts its power of manifestation and the love that the universe shows to all its sons and daughters.

That's what makes the desire in the heart. Appears when you expect less. Then it dissolves in nothingness, the Heart is not afraid, while the mind does. After all, he likes so much to focus on failures, what does not work.

Some desires in the heart are almost instantaneous, others need time to materialize in your life at the right time. Inevitably, sooner or later, wishes in the heart become reality.