"Lorand, what should I invest in?"

In this article, I will answer the question I receive most often when I present presentations for young, future entrepreneurs: "Lorand, I have 5,000 euros, what should I invest in? What do you think would work best? "
My answer is the same every time: "Invest in yourself, in your development, so you do not have to ask these stupid questions!"
I usually stop here and get a shocked look from the person who asked the question. In this article I explain why I respond in this way.What experts say about investing in personal development

Brian Tracy quotes a study in the United States for 15 years. This study found that for 90% of people, $ 1 invested in personal and professional development returned 30 times over a 10-year period. This means a profitability of 300% per year. I would say there is no business to offer you such a profit.
The best investment you can make is investing in you. If your concern is "how to get the money I received from my parents", it's very likely that you will be out of money. Because no matter where you invest, you will most likely lose it.
The idea in a business is only 1%, the rest (99%) is the implementation of this idea. That's why, before you start a business, make sure you know the basics of business success. Better take the 5,000 euros and invest in books, lessons and materials to teach you how to make 5,000,000 euros.
Once you have accumulated this knowledge you can start a business in almost any field and you will be successful. In a future article I will talk about how to choose the field in which to start a business.
I'm sure you also have friends who do not know what to invest, so please help me get this message and share it with this article. Maybe in this way we will reduce the number of these questions  and encourage more people to grow. Who is not growing, falling or dying!
Thank you!