"I do not have time to breathe! I would read, I would go to the hall, I would be more with my loved ones, I would go to the theater, I would do a lot of things if I had time. But I do not have! I can not make time for myself. " How many times have you not heard or said something similar?
We live on the run, we eat on the run, we sleep on the run, we love on the run, and we wake up that they ran years too. And when we look back, what's left? Studies show that time wasted on things that did not bring us value is among the greatest regret at the end of life.
Bonnie Ware, an Australian care nurse in palliative care, says in his book, "Top 5 Survivors of the Dying," as the second place in this sad top is that they have worked too hard. On the deathbed, with a maximum of 12 weeks remaining, all her male patients, and some of the women, said they regretted not spending much time with their loved ones.
At every beginning of the year, probably now, we make promises for the year that has just begun. Let's be better, more careful, let's get away with the vices, stay more with the people we love. This article is meant to help you FIND TIME for all this. For things important to you and do not let yourself get caught in the whirlpool of life lived at maximum speed. Because you know that quality time is the most precious but you can give it to someone.

Yes, the day is only 24 hours and we often feel that we do not get what we have to do. But "I do not have time" is just an excuse. I'm not saying you try to deceive someone or even you when you say that, it's very possible to feel that you do not have time. So the first step is to understand why you feel that. And there may be a multitude of reasons. Here are some examples:1. Multitasking.
When you do too many times as if you do not have time. Studies show that most of us are unproductive when doing multitasking. So do one thing once. Then when you finish, start something else. Step by step.2. Do not sleep enough.
If you're uncomfortable, you're even less productive. Therefore, it seems to you that you do not have enough time to finish your job, when you do not actually use the time at full capacity.3. You are too preoccupied with time.
You worry too much that you do not have time and compare with certain standards of how it should be, so you waste your precious time with it.

Time can be divided into two categories: time on the clock and real time, the one you feel. Time on the clock is the same for everyone: one hour is 60 minutes. But this time you can look like 10 minutes when you do something you like about 120 minutes when you are not excited about the activity you are doing. That's real time. And the flour is that you create it. It's at the mental level. And everything you create can be controlled.

Just because real time is relative to each of us, some time management techniques can work perfectly for some and not help at all. The important thing is to find the ones that work for you. Here are some examples that I hope will help you to have a more productive and more productive 2018 that you have put away so far from the "lack of time":

1. Do the most important task first.
Make fewer things, but bring more value instead of doing a lot of things that do not work. Set the top 3 priorities and focus on them. At a time. Multitasking is not productive.2. Learn to say no.
It's ok to refuse tasks and activities that do not bring you value and do not get you to the results you want. To say "NO" does not make you lazy, no bad person.3. Sleep enough.
If you think you can gain time by the "steals" of your sleeping hours, you are wrong. You need enough rest so you can get some return. Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night.4. Put your deadlines.
When you start a task, it does not tell you that you're standing until you finish. Set yours for a while. Chances to finish during that time are greatly increasing because you set your brain in a time-frame.5. Take a break.
The small and frequent breaks, the key to success, say a saying. It's important to take breaks and let the brain rest. Otherwise you risk going to burnout.6. Be ordered.
Organize your mail, computer, office. It will be easier for you to find things and you do not waste valuable time to look for them. An ordered office will make you even more productive.Plan ahead.
Make your timetable and prioritize what you have to do since Sunday for the whole week. Then divide things by day and every day follows what I have recommended in point 1. Put yourself things that are not tasks. For example, if you want to read a book, give her an appointment with her one hour a day and fix it on your calendar.8. Avoid the trap of perfectionism.
Many people lose time because they lose in detail. Focus on value-adding things that really matter.

Keep in mind, organizing your time does not mean that you have to cram some tasks among the ones you already have, but simplify and streamline, so that the things you spend your time really count on.

With friendship,