Wanting something with your mind is not the same as wanting with your heart. That is why, most of the times the wishes of the head are not fulfilled or hardly fulfilled.
Sources: Bulearca.ro

Desires that come from the mind are connected with our ego, with a state of fear, lack or frustration. Hence the attachment to the result, and that distrust and restlessness will be accomplished. Desires that start from the mind may also be the result of not feeling good or valuable enough or comparing us with others. I have known a few years ago a person who, despite having a beautiful life lacking health, abundance of money, friendship, successful career, was unhappy. He compares his income with that of the millionaire in Euro and feels poor compared to him. Visa one day to have a seven-digit bank account.

Desires from the heart make us connect with our divine self and with our gifts. Most of the time, we transced our personal good (even if we do not realize it) and lead to the good of a larger mass of people. An example of this is the artists and athletes who build their lives around their skills and which, through what creates or results, inspires millions of people. Also in this category are those people who, without necessarily being public, make the world a better place, regardless of their profession. Perhaps they have learned something, perhaps they have taken care to get on time in one place, or they just smiled at you when you were in need.

A desire is like a balloon. It needs to be filled with air - read trust, just as much as needed and then let float in the air. As long as you keep your balloon tight, trying to control your trajectory, it will not be able to rise. Infuse him too much and break. Interact it - with doubt and attachment to the result, and it will deflate.

The secret that your desire to fulfill is not at all that complicated. It is enough to connect with your heart, then express your desire in the universe knowing that it will manifest itself, give up any attachment and be patient. Sometimes, it will take a day, another date maybe one year. However, in this period, he lives in joy so that at the end of each day he falls asleep smiling.