When we are in a relationship, we want to be the first in our partner's priorities. We want to be with someone who is willing to do anything for us to function and be happy.
But sometimes things can get complicated, and we can become one of the signs that become dependent on love. You can not hide your intentions of astrology, and this will reveal how dependent you are to love. On the other hand, if love is the first place for both partners then surely the relationship will be a perfect one.1. Rac
Love is so important to the Cray that it helps them to outline everything they do. They are so dependent on the love of their partner that they are willing to sacrifice for love. Racian natives are the happiest when they have someone to love and are always mindful of what their partners do. Love is the one that dominates all thoughts, we can say that they look at life through the eyes of love. Crabs say very often I love you - but they do not want to have any misunderstanding about how important love is for them.2. Fish
Fish not only put love first, but they make sure they protect the time they spend with their partner. They leave nothing else to interfere with each other and their life partner. If they have not enjoyed quality moments with their partner, they will be affected throughout the day. The fish are very generous and are willing to get second in favor of their partner. Having such a character is very easy to be loved.3. Balance
Balances feed on love. They are extremely attentive to the details and everything their partners do and observe things that other people overlook. Libra natives try to spend as much time together with their partner and engage them in all the activities they like, such as gym training or favorite movies. Balances are people who are not accustomed to exaggerate things and are always there for their partners.

4. Scorpio
When a Scorpio loves you, you are all for them. Scorpions love with intensity and passion. I'm not the kind of people who need to validate others, but that does not prevent them from doing everything right. Love is very important to them, and when something does not work in their relationship, they are devastated.5. Aries
Abercromes love hard and prefer to have more choices, but when yuvesc is very involved in their relationship and they are extremely curious to learn about their partners as much as possible. Aries respects their partners very much, respects their principles, opinions and life philosophies. Aries do not like docile partners and do not have a backbone. They want strong partners to provoke them, in order not to interfere with monotony in their relationship.6. Leo
The lions are very protective with their partners and they get very involved when they love each other. I am the kind of person who will show lovers to family and friends from the beginning of the relationship, being convinced that their relationship will work. Leagues will never try to change their partners and love exactly as they are. They know that love is the secret ingredient they need to accomplish the great things they are destined for.