You may be looking for an adventure or a quiet afternoon with a good film, or rather prefer deep discussions. Whatever it is, we all have some preference for a relationship. What are your wishes and expectations?
Here's what the zodiac says:Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
You are very dynamic. For you, a perfect relationship is one in which you learn each other, in which you travel and discover the world together.Ram
For you, the ideal partner is the one with which you can venture out during the day to enjoy the comfort and quiet of the evening. You want to have adrenaline, but also quiet at the end of the day.Lion
You like to be in the limelight and draw attention to you. It is very likely that you enter into a relationship in a romantic way worthy of a Hollywood movie. Everything you want from your partner is to spend with them and be satisfied.
You're looking for someone you can go to festivals and concerts. You have an adventurous spirit, our monotony being something you want.Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo)
You do not say adventures, but the essential element in your relationship is stability. As long as the partner maintains order and peace in your life everything will go as far as the book.Bull
You're the one looking for stability in a relationship. You prefer to watch movies and series on the couch with your loved one rather than going out into town. Although it may sound boring for other couples, convenience for you is first.Virgin
As Virgo, you prefer to communicate nonverbally with the dear person. The idea of ​​having a special language with your partner fascinates you. Your relationship becomes special just by the little moments when you understand each other without speaking to them.Capricorn
Debate and hugs. Capricorns are not that romantic. Their goal in a relationship is to be able to discuss politics and kiss at the same time.
Air (Gemini, Balance, Aquarius)
As an air sign, it is essential to find a person with whom you can follow your dreams, with which you understand and connect a special connection.Gemini
You are very good at people, intuition of their character. You are always surrounded by friends, and in your personal life you want to have some surprises.Libra
You like to travel. Ideally it would be to find someone with whom you can discover the world, know it through different situations, not words.Aquarius
As an Aquarius, you want someone to accept your strange things to do crazy and funny things.Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Fish)
Watermarks are the most emotional. They want long-term relationships, small things meaning a lot for them. Home for these three zodiac is where the loved one is.Cancer
You're an incurable romantic. Love candle light meetings and slow dances. What you want from your partner is deep conversations.Scorpion
Being one of the most passionate signs, you want to be with someone you trust completely. You like to discover the world with your loved one, but at the same time adore private, intimate cadres. So you will most likely choose the hotel room or a secluded place.Fish
Extremely romantic, you have gone through many separations. You know what it means to be hurt, so you're very involved in a relationship. You do not want to do something with your loved one, every moment spent together being special.