When there is no lesson to learn, it is possible for the guilty to be ourselves. Our characteristics are those that push us to make incorrect decisions about the love relationships we choose to be.Ram
Your problem is that you fall in love with people who are just like you. Even if the relationship seems quite interesting at first, all the charm disappears when each partner tries to dominate the other. To have a long-lasting relationship, you have to find someone a little different than you and not be afraid to try new things!Bull
Your stubbornness spoils a lot when it comes to choosing a partner. You tend to be near people with visions totally opposed to yours, and the inability to reach a common point will hurt you. Perhaps it would be best to choose people who adapt more easily to your personality, otherwise you will get to change partners more and more often.Gemini
Gemini removes those who are compatible with them for fear of being injured. Everyone who gets close to you scares you, and those who get hurt are those who are not even interested in getting so close to you. The right person would be someone who is not fooled by how you try to remove him and who chooses to stand and work on your relationship.Cancer
You always come close to those who want more attention than anything else. Being a person who cares for the loved person carefully, they will be addicted to your attention and so. The ideal person for you would be one that can give back as much as you can offer, not forgetting that you are important in the relationship.
Lions always fall in love with the person who is wonderful about anything he does. That makes you have more confidence in yourself, but not in the positive sense. An ideal partner would be someone to encourage you, to support you, but who at the same time tells you where you are wrong and when you have too much expectations from your work.Virgin
You are impressed by people who are too relaxed. You often fall in love with the people you are most comfortable with, forgetting that the complex issues in your life require more attention. It is best to have a partner who will support you and be patient with you, but who will give you valuable advice when you need it.Libra
You get to hang out with people you like for appearances. You love to be surrounded by people who admire you, but you need a balance. The person most suitable for you is the person who will love you when you do not look rested, arranged and ready for any challenge, but at the same time will help you get on your feet.Scorpion
You are always around people living in their own world that will make you feel unimportant. This will cause you to initiate many relationships and mistakes in your life. The ideal person for you is a sensitive person who will support you in what you do and will give you the proper attention.piercing
The person who attracts you the most is the person who is the least serious. Yeah, spontaneity is fun, but not when you're in danger of being fooled by it. The partner that will make you happy is the one who will be playful and spontaneous, but who will know when to be serious.Capricorn
You often fall in love with introverted people. The signs of your sign also imply that you are not so socially and introverted, and being close to a person like yourself will lead you to despair. Who will make the first step? By no means. It is best to have a more detached and sociable person next to you.Aquarius
You get to be near people as fragile as you. You are very dreamy and the people who attract you the most are just like you. You need someone to keep your feet on the ground, but at the same time to help you build your dreams.Fish
You engage in toxic relationships with narcissistic people. It's very hard to hold back a person who is thinking about you rarely and you still love her for that. Finally, you are the one with the broken heart. You'd better stand by a person who knows how to turn your favors and help you explore what it really means to live in two.