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10 signs that you are struggling too much to make your relationship go

All relationships need a dose of effort to keep them healthy and to keep them in the right direction. However, if you seem to be making too much effort to make your relationship go, maybe it is not made to last.

Incompatibility may be another factor, and sometimes it can be repaired, but not always. Incompatibility can be rectified and resolved sometimes through a simple understanding of the needs of the person next to you, communicating these needs and giving them the opportunity to solve them.
If you talk, you may be able to see that your partner wants to make a copromis or that things start to be more balanced. It is important, however, to be honest with you and to look at the relationship from an external perspective. Is there a healthy relationship? It's worth the effort? If not, then you will begin to experience one of the issues below, which experts say is a sign that your relationship should not exist.

1. You can not fix the emotional rupture
If you feel that you have been trying to fix the emotional problem between you, but that your partner refuses to leave it, maybe you should distance yourself and see how your relationship really is.
Both partners need to work together to create a close friendship and relationship, so if the emotional connection is missing, it may not be worth it. Of course, only you can decide what seems right. There are no perfect relationships. " But you should not even feel that you are the only person who makes the effort.
2. You feel tired
Relationships can be difficult - but it should not be hard 24/7. If you feel your partner pulls you down, it may be a sign that the relationship is not worth the effort.
If you feel that the relationship and time spent together is rushing you hurt energy and that you feel better when you are not together, it should be an alarm signal. It can also be tedious when you make efforts to repair something that can not be repaired due to a lack of compatibility. Remember that sometimes it may be better and healthier to withdraw from this kind of relationship.

3. When blaming you for all the problems
If you are with someone who tends to blame you for his problems and nerves and you use a lot of energy to defend yourself and make you understand, do not wait to solve other problems. At some point it may be healthier to accept that the partner is not on the same wavelength with you and does not want to see the role he has in the relationship. And this is not a thing to fix in time.

4. You are always nervous
If you are the only one making the effort, you will give up at some point. When this happens, you will feel an irritation that it will not disappear easily. Everything your partner does get angry and you get to avoid it or always come into conflict. It's okay - and even healthy - to fight you from time to time, but frequent quarrels can be a sign that you are forcing things to make them go.

5. You are always arguing about the future
If you are not on the same wavelength in terms of the future, do not be surprised when you have quarrels about the direction your lives are heading for, where you see over five years, and so on.
It's normal to argue, but if the quarrels are focused on different ideals, then maybe you're trying too hard to make the relationship go. You may have a fundamental incompatibility.
Some incompatibilities can be solved through compromises, but a persistent problem that does not have a solution can be a sign that something is really not working. Try to be honest with you about what you want and then try to decide if the relationship deserves.

6. You are always looking for a second opinion
It is good to call friends or family to ask for advice. But when you turn to their daily advice, with new problems or worse problems, you should think.
7. Efforts are only made by you
If the efforts in the relationship are only imposed by you, it should be a great alarm signal. Relationships need the attention of two people. If you feel that you are the only one making efforts, is it worthwhile to invest in long term?
You can draw your partner's attention to this issue to see if they want to change this. If you talk, you can create a healthy relationship. If he does not want compromises, maybe it's better to get over.

8. Do not feel appreciated
If it seems that no matter how hard you work, the partner will never really appreciate you, it's a sign you're trying too much. A healthy relationship should make you feel good about yourself. If it seems that you never reach one's expectations, maybe you should re-evaluate the things or the people that make you feel that way.

9. Your relationship seems like a fight
When something goes well everything goes without effort, Graber said. Contrary to this, if something does not work, the relationship seems to be a continuing struggle. From making a conversation to making plans for Saturday night, everything seems like a job. You can not even expect everything to be great every day, but it should not be that difficult either. A relationship does not have to make you feel at work. If it looks like you're working over the program, but you're all where you were a month ago, it's time to talk to your partner about the direction they're taking.

11. You've changed too much
As a final attempt to repair a relationship, you will find yourself changing things to win the partner's love. This may include adopting a new look or changing values ​​just to please him. In interpersonal relationships we should try to be what we really are. Experimentation is a good thing, but if you try to impress your partner becoming someone else, you may be trying too hard.
If you find any of the issues listed in your relationship, talk to your partner about it. It's always possible to fix the problems and change your relationship. If you feel that you are trying too hard, maybe you should give up.