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5 rules that you have to follow in a new relationship

Even if love does not make us unconscious (not always), it can ruin our social life, relationships with our loved ones, and can make us make mistaken decisions in life.
It sometimes happens to tell our friends that we are with the wrong person, and we simply do not see this. We can become unconscious of the bad things our partner does, which only results in unpleasant situations because at some point we get up out of euphoria and we realize with sadness that we have lost time with the wrong person.
To avoid disasters, here are the five golden rules that you will not miss out on when you fall in love.

1. Take it slowly and do not make hasty decisions
You have not been together for six months, so go back to earth and do not think about marriage now. It is extremely important to know our partner as well as possible before we begin serious plans for the future with him. TAKE IT EASY! Step by step, you will get to know the person next to you and you will earn your trust and vice versa. The decision to move together or to get married too soon will not create a steel link between you, even if you believe that. You have to be patient with relationships.
2. Be honest with him, but with you too!
A serious and lasting relationship will always start from sincerity, and if honesty is not the basis on which we build relationships with potential partners of life, then we can assume that we have not actually built anything. Like a home, an amorous partnership needs a foundation to grow. There are no exceptions, sincerity has a foundation post in any successful relationship.
In addition, think that if you do not show your true personality right now, you will have to pretend to do so every time you meet. There's more headaches. Let him know you exactly as you are and make him feel comfortable to be around himself, it is very important!

3. Friends first of all
The man next to you MUST be your friend before he becomes a sex partner.
Everything goes much, much easier when you know the pluses and minuses of each other. With a friend you can cry, laugh and pass through difficult times in life. A person with whom you only have a one-night adventure will probably blow up with the first help cry, but a friend will be there next to you to hold you in your arms. You certainly want someone who will not judge your mistakes and love you with all your soul. Assign time to get to know before you can move on!

4. Do not forget about TA life!
You know? You have a career to follow, friends who want to see you, a family that misses you, etc. so I do not isolate you with your lover from the world around you. You will only have to lose.
In a balanced relationship each partner lives a life for himself, not a single life both. Maybe it's nice at first to do everything together, but after a while you'll start to feel choked by one another and it will be very hot for you to have separate activities again.

5. Trust your instincts
If you feel that something is wrong, do not let things go! If you think you are wrong or feel that it hides something, talk to him. The way he answers your suspicions will tell you a lot about him.
If he answers calmly and does not mind you because you come up with such questions, he's a serious man. Do you know that ... Whoever is excused, accuses! As a balanced relationship is based on respect and trust, the partner will have to be receptive to what upsets you without giving the impression of exaggeration. Do not let things pass without saying something, because it may be too late until you decide to talk.
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