28 octombrie 2018

6 truths about how it is to have an Aquarius as a partner

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Do you think you finally found the perfect man and do you think he could be the one he chooses? Well, if it's Aquarius, there's a lot of things you probably do not know about him. So, if you want to have a happy relationship, do not hurt to read these few things about the Aquarius man as a partner.She is not best able to tell you what she feels
How good and affective can the Aquarius man be, effective communication is not one of his qualities. For this reason, perhaps the distant part sometimes, but do not let you be fooled: it cares a lot about you, your feelings and your relationship. Maybe he does not say it, but be careful about his non-verbal signs.Put everything to the heart
Be careful what you say when you're upset about it because it takes everything very seriously and puts everything in your heart. So, if you're nervous because he did not call you back and say something like "never call me again", you can bet he will not call you again. Be patient with him and be aware that you need to be determined and sure of yourself to be in a relationship with an Aquarius.

You can trust him
In many cases where an Aquarius man is alone, he feels that it is very difficult to connect with someone at a deeper level. If he does not feel the relationship is solid, he will not go into it. Take this as a good thing, because if it wants to be with you it means you can have total confidence in it.He needs time for him on a regular basis
How sociable and fun the Aquarius man can be, he needs regular time alone to process his feelings. You do not have to feel offended in any way - and you probably do not want to see anyone at some point. Be sure to give him enough space to do whatever he wants.
He always wants to be right
One thing that might prove very difficult for someone in a relationship with an Aquarius is that he is very, very stubborn. If he thinks he is right, then, for him, that's the way it will be. They can be very annoying to someone from outside, and it's understandable, so the best thing you can do in this situation is to understand that he is the same and to agree that ... you do not agree.
He is a very good listener
One thing that can not be denied to the Aquarius man is that he will listen to you, anytime, anywhere, and that he cares about what you are telling him. He is probably the best listener of the zodiac. This quality must be cherished because you meet it very hard.
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