7 tips for hot sex parties with an Aquarius!

1. Ankles are hot areas!
If you are trying to find the hot areas of your beloved Aquarius body, just walk your fingers along the calves to the ankles. This is one of the most important tips for a sex game with an Aquarius. You can even give her a foot massage for maximum pleasure!

2. Give proof of enthusiasm!
One thing that Aquarius in the bedroom really needs is enthusiasm. It is impossible for them to be with someone who does not show passion in bedding. Aquarius loves to stimulate and stimulate, especially during sex parties.

3. Prelude is the key!
Another very important element for sex parties with an Aquarius is the prelude. Do not go over this step, but pay extra attention. They want to feel as close as possible, to create privacy and expect you to explore your body. So, pay much attention to prelude!

4. Have fun!
Aquarius people love to have fun, be spontaneous, and feel connected to the loved one, and these things apply to sex parties as well. They love to laugh, make jokes, be gadilated, and be in small competitions. So, try to make him laugh, even between the bedding!

5. Costume yourself
One thing that is little known about this zodiac sign is that they like to dress and do not hesitate to do so in the bedroom as well. Masks, costumes and play-rollers - Aquarius are willing to try all these things and expect you to do the same!

6. Toys are a must!

Sex toys are necessarily found in the bedroom of an Aquarius. They like to test and try them during parties between beds. You do not want to show that you are curious and want to experience as much as possible with him!

7. Competition during sex!

Aquarius likes competition, and the bedroom is one of the places where it unfolds. Try to alternate who dominates who during sex parties and fight for strength. This will hurt your Aquarius!
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