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If you want to be happy in a relationship with Scorpio, here are 11 things you need to know

Scorpio is a being of desert. That's why his love can burn you through her intensity. If you want to be happy in a relationship with a Scorpio, you have here a list of things you should remember.
1. If a Scorpio loves, it does with the whole being
The love of a Scorpio is so intense, deep and passionate that you can easily translate it into a Hollywood movie.
No love affair can be compared to the one lived with a Scorpio. He will want to know your soul in all. Consider yourself lucky to be with him.
2. Do not try to impress it
You can, of course, try, but a Scorpio will appreciate the truly intelligent and talented people, just as he is. He will feel the fake from a post.
Sometimes this can become a problem, but do not worry. When communicating with a native Scorpio, simply be yourself. If someone in their zodiac signs has decided to become a partner or girlfriend, it means that she appreciates and values ​​you exactly as you are.
3. Do not try to control it
A scorpion will always work on the ideal balance of power in the relationship. You are entitled to a personal opinion, but if you want to convince a Scorpion of something, you need very strong arguments.
4. They are secret lovers
Do not make the mistake of trying to lie to a Scorpio. But a bit of mystery in your relationship, of course, would not bother. On the contrary, he'll be even more careful about what you're doing.
People born under this sign are very curious, they love allusions and surprises. Give it and make it happy.
5. They are loyal
If a Scorpio chose you, it means you can relax and taste the comfort of your relationship. They are very devoted. It will follow you to the end of the world.
Scorpions natives will choose partners for the best of us. If you are his choice, be sure he has found his ideal and will not look in the direction of anyone. Scorpions do not doubt the choices made.
I congratulate you if you won in the fight of fidelity with a Scorpio. Living with them, in fact, is easier than it seems at first glance.
6. Tradition will be entirely on your responsibility
Scorpions do not know what is forgiveness. They can be very revengeful and cruel. Especially when it comes to revenging an infidelity.
If you've decided that you want to live with a native Scorpio, the cheating and the lie should become taboo subjects. If you're not ready for that, it's better not to start.
7. It will be emotional
Scorpions are inclined to give it to the extreme. The lack of emotional activities will quickly bore him. To avoid a nervous crisis, keep the flame of the burning relationship.
Most likely, you will be the least emotional partner in the couple. But that does not mean you do not have to be an emotional support for your lover. Remind them from time to time how wonderful it is.
8. You are not exactly equal.
Scorpions are very selective when choosing a pair. They are willing to accept only perfection and will seek an improved version of themselves.
If Scorpio chose you, we're ready to bet you're almost perfect in his eyes.
Therefore, contrary to the popular opinion, Scorpions are ready to be second, but only if they perceive themselves as a divinity.
9. They do not need you
Scorpions are very independent, ambitious, fearless and skilled enough to feel good even in loneliness, but do not let this discourage you.
They perceive bachelors as an invaluable experience and know how to taste it.
On the other hand, if Scorpio is already near you, you can be sure: not because it depends on you or wants to take advantage of you.
10. Get used to jealousy.
Scorpions are possessed. If they consider something or someone to find it, then they definitely do not intend to share that thing with anyone!
Remember: The Scorpio chose you and not the other way around. Therefore, his obsession and jealousy will not disappear: these people show their love and devotion in this way.
If you are not ready to be patient, it is better to talk about this from the start. And try not to be dramatic. Otherwise, consider point 6 of the article.
11. You will have the best sex in your life
It sounds like a praise, but it's a fact that Scorpions are the best lovers you can have. And they're not just extreme and talented, I know how to love.
If he chose you, you will have pleasures we've seen before.
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