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Seven things men do when they love

Sometimes in a relationship you can confuse yourself. At one point it seems He is mad after you, and the next day disappears without a trace. Here are the sure signs that a man wants to stay in your life for a long time.
1. He communicates with your relatives
Taking part in family meetings is the thing that most of us are afraid of. You never know what disputes can arise between relatives.
If your man willingly goes to visit your relatives, he will remain clearly with you. He wants to meet and make friends with people who one day can become his relatives.
2. He consults you about clothes
It may be that he simply considers you to be a fashion guru. But, most likely, he wants to make an impression, dressed as you like.
3. He wants to come with you
Let's be honest: Even the most interesting person in the world has boring things to do. If a man is ready to go with you to the bank or go shopping, it does not because it's very interesting. He just wants to spend as much time with you.
4. Fix things in your home
Another way for a man to demonstrate his usefulness for a woman is to act as a master. It is possible to see a damaged bulb or faucet and help. Even if the task is elementary, people love to solve the problems. Why? To show she's going to be a good husband.
5. He cooks for you
He can not be a remarkable chef, but if he carefully follows the recipe to pamper you, then it is certainly love.
6. Plan special dates or travel.
Most men prefer not to act. But their partners often hope more. If you are planning holiday or weekend it means he wants to be with you.
7. Listen and remember your stories.
We all say boring stories sometimes and share insignificant details. Polite people always try to listen and swallow, but at the same time do not pay special attention.
If your man remembers the details of your friends and relatives in stories, it means that he really matters what you say. He's trying to learn more to get closer.