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Tall men and dwindling women form the happiest couples

Tall men and dwindling women form really adorable couples, but did you know that research shows that they are also perfect couples?
Here's why! In a study by a team of researchers from Konkuk University in South Korea, it was found that couples with a higher height difference tend to have a better and longer relationship than the others.
The authors of the study collected data from 7,850 couples over an extended period of time. According to Dr. Kitae Sohn, the lead investigator of the team, it was observed that a great difference in height between the couple's partners was correlated with the wife's happiness.
Also, women's preference for tall men has increased female reproductive skills. Doctor Sohn mentioned that women simply like the tall men.
Although the researchers do not know exactly why women prefer tall men, this behavior of women may be similar to why people want sweets, salty foods or even fatty foods.
It has something to do with how the brain works when it is still evolving.
In another study, conducted in 2013 by a team of Dutch psychologists, it was found that women prefer higher men because they are perceived as stronger and more skilled in avoiding physical threats to the family.
In short, women are attracted to taller men because in the past they were believed to be better hunters and can take care of the family by providing them with everything they need for a good living.
In a study by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan, it has been found that women are attracted to taller men because they tend to have more self-confidence.
Another study supports the idea that taller men are more likely to become wealthy and financially stable compared to younger men.
This is due to the nutrition that the taller men had in their childhood and through which they strengthened their cognitive and human abilities, giving them an advantage to seem more capable, trustworthy and confident.
Therefore, they are the ones who are promoted more often and become managers, CEOs and team leaders.
Returning to the initial study, it has been shown that only a man's height can not predict the success of the relationship. Height is a factor in the first 18 years of the relationship, which means it will not matter a few years after.
At the end of the day, all the couple have the duty to manage their relationship. Although it was known that women prefer tall men in relationships for evolutionary reasons, no study has investigated whether a higher husband can make a happier wife.
A higher height difference in a couple is positively correlated with the wife's happiness.
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