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The advice of a shaman: read and follow these tips if you want to be a fulfilled man

Some useful tips from a quack, about the signs around us that we have to notice:
1. When you go on the road and see a feather that sits on the ground, take it home. You could put it in a vase, hang it, or just put it on a shelf. This is an amulet that will protect your home.
2. Collect stones from riverbeds. They possess energy and power.
3. From all your powers, try to help others. If you can not give them happiness, do not even hurt them.
4. To realize your dream, sometimes there is just one step. Do not be afraid of the difficulties. They are and will always be!
5. Your first living principle is to refuse to make someone bad. Think.
6. When you become the source of happiness for someone, then you will be the happiest man on earth. But if you have become the source of unhappiness for someone, you will be the first unfortunate.
7. At least one hour a day sit quietly. It is just as necessary as communicating.
8. Ability to love is the most important thing a man does on earth.
9. Do not throw the garbage into the water. The spirit of the water may get angry. Better throw bread, milk or penny.
10. We usually call the past the glorious weather of our lives. It is a mistake. It is very important to understand that every moment in our life - is that moment of gold.
11. There is no religion and perfect faith. There is only one God.
12. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.
13. There is a word in the people: do not bite the hand of those who feed you.

14. Life is a very short time. Do not lose her in tears, quarrels, fornication, and alcohol. You could do well, give life to the children, rest and do other very beautiful things.
15. If your lover / girlfriend has upset you, if you are not guilty - embrace him / her, keep him / her tight and calm.
16. If you are hard on your soul and feel anxiety inside, sing. Sing everything. And your soul will calm down.
17. If you want to do something, believe in your own powers. Because fear will stop you. Always. Do not lose hope and go ahead.
18. Remember one thing: everyone will receive what they deserve.
19. Life can come back to you with your face or back. But few understand that we alone return it. All the new evil thoughts we attract. He lives quietly.
Do not envy anyone and nothing. And what if the neighbor has a luxury car? His mutra will not become more beautiful, and the belly from the beer will not turn into a 6-square abdomen. He smiles more often and you will get many smiles in return.
20. If you want to be respected, respect those around you. He responds well with good, bad, he responds with ignorance. The man who hurt you will suffer more because you have not taken it into account.
21. Do not drink alcohol. Not at all. That's ruining your life and health. There are tens of thousands of ways to relax.
22. Never had regrets. They are extra. Everything that is done is always done for good.
23. Stones that resemble animals must never cluster them. I can bring you bad luck.

24. Listening to good music, you can free yourself of all the negative energy you have gathered during the day. Music is a kind of meditation that brings balance in our lives.

25. To breathe easier and to make your soul easier, teach you to cry.

26. If you are in a situation where you do not see any exit, raise a hand as high as possible. Then suddenly put her down and say: DO NOT BEY! And think again ...

27. When a woman goes shopping, she buys happiness for her family. And the man has to secure the woman's money, so she can buy the best products. The family that saves food is prone to poverty and unhappiness.

28. If you feel bad or something worries you, try to move yourself in a dance rhythm. You will return your energy and free your brain from worries.
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