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This test tells you if he is the man of your life. Here's how you can figure it out

Embracing are gestures we need especially in difficult moments and can be a powerful therapy to heal our soul in distress.
But they are also a barometer of love that someone wears us. You can tell from one gesture and how one loves you with whom you put your head on the pillow in the evening.
There are four types of hugs that show that the person next to you is really the man of your life. If you have not thought about this small but important detail yet, you have the opportunity to do it now.
Choose one of the four photos below that are most relevant to how he embraces you and find out if you are sitting next to who you need or waste your time.

1. With your hand on your neck
It is the gesture that shows a strong connection between you and your partner, but that the trust you have in each other is unwavering.
Do not let anyone interfere with you. If you had discussions, these were lessons that strengthened your trust in each other, but also the relationship.
If you chose this image, there is no doubt that you stay close to who you are. If hugging is followed, most of the time, and kissing, then your love will resist to deep old age. Compatibility between you is 100% and the hugging test has been passed.
2. Cross hooking
Does he accustom you to put his legs around his hips or take your arms and clutter you? You are lucky!
It's a sign that he wants you and only you. Also, this type of hugging denotes the power of love that it carries and its strength.
If he keeps you in his arms, he does not want to let go of you anymore. It is an intense and lasting passion that will make you one of those enviable couples.
3. With your hand on your bottom
Undoubtedly there is a very strong attraction between you when you feel your hand on your ass or in your pocket when you embrace it.
However, this also denotes that his love is not just for you. He wants to look like he wants you, but his little gesture actually betters it's open to other loves. As a matter of fact, psychologists interpret it as a demonstration of the love he has to offer to the opposite sex.
So if you feel your hand on the bottom when you hug, the test is not over.

4. Hugging at a distance

If there is a considerable distance between your bodies when you embrace, it is not difficult to realize that something is wrong. According to specialists who interpret gestures, such a hugging distance betrays his discomfort in your presence.

Either inhibit it, or do not like to have it around you. Often, this type of hug comes packed with visual contact. If she looks at you in the eye when she hugs you away, that means she wants one thing from you: sex and nothing more.
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