28 octombrie 2018

Top 5 most difficult signs when it comes to relationships

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1. Virgo (from August 23 to September 22)
Those in the Virgo have a pretty good opinion about them, and they do not think they need someone to fill them up. "
They are independent, so they like to think they can get themselves whatever they need. They are also critical, distant, and prefer not to open up to anyone to stay in control of the situation.

2. Scorpio
Scorpions have extreme behaviors when it comes to relationships. They can be affectionate and happy to be with you, and 10 minutes later to be distant and morose. It's hard to see how she feels and what a scorpion is always thinking, but they still expect to know. Even more so, Scorpions are hard to read, which makes their relationships even harder. They are distant, and often fear of being injured prevents them from opening in front of their partner.

3. Sagittarius
Sagittarius do not like to make commitments, especially when it comes to relationships because it makes them feel connected with another person. Sagittarios are so difficult from the beginning, because they do not give a chance to the relationship. That's why they prefer flirting and casual relationships that are more comfortable for them.

4. Capricorn

With all sincerity, Capricorns would not be so difficult unless they were constantly so cautious. His pragmatic nature is ideal in many situations, but relations are not one of them. Capricorns also have a special way to treat meetings that leave you with the impression that you are more at an interview than at a meeting. It's very methodical (almost robotic) when trying to get to know someone, and that's because he trusts in reason, not in feelings.

5. Aquarius

Aquarians are very independent. They do not like to talk about their private life, how they do not like to feel vulnerable to another person. It is understandable that they try to avoid a broken heart, but so complicate things very much in their relationships. People are hard to read and understand, although they want the most from their partners.
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