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With blue metil heals guaranteed urinary infections, sore throats, mouth sores and wounds

Methyl blue is an organic substance discovered by physician Paul Ehrilch in 1891.
Scientist Paul Ehrilch found that methyl blue could be an effective malaria treatment, being administered to American soldiers.
This organic substance is as effective as it is today. In some cases, methyl blue may be a lighter treatment option, replacing even antibiotics.
It is found in some traditional pharmacies in the form of drops or capsules administered according to the package leaflet, and can yield exceptional results in both internal and external treatments.
Phenomenal results against urinary infectionsMethyl blue gives phenomenal results when given orally, against cystitis or nephritis produced by bacteria. With low toxicity, the product is tolerated in long-term treatments, helping to control urinary infections produced by the most rebellious bacteria.
It is good to know that after the internal administration of the substance, the urine will get a blue or green color that does not have to worry - this is the sign that the substance is eliminated in the urine, thus exerting its antiseptic effects.
In order to be effective, the straps are held for 10-21 days (according to the prospectus), and after a 3-7 day break, they are repeated until the microbiological analysis shows the healing.

Sore throat, coldThroat pain is the irritation or itching of an area of ​​the throat that intensifies upon swallowing. When this pain occurs as a result of bacterial or viral infections, allergies or inflammation, you can resort to the methyl blue remedy.
Methyl blue has antibacterial propertiesEver since the first pain, apply the local blue blue, using an earstick. Apply a little on both tonsils, even if the taste is bitter. Local application made since the first symptoms can reduce inflammation in just 5-6 hours.
A mouthbrushSimple injuries or painful ulcers, mouth ulcers appear in the mouth, caused by a virus. In addition to maintaining rigorous hygiene (the most important prevention and treatment measure), you can also appeal to a methyl blue cure that effectively fights mouth infections.
Pour a few drops of methyl blue onto a dry gauze and swab it with his mouth. If oral candidiasis persists for more than 5 days, the advice of the specialist is recommended.
Easy woundsOur skin is populated by over 250 species of bacteria, many of them causing skin infections. Therefore, any wound is infected from the very beginning and must be sterilized. Scratches, cuts and julits are part of everyday life, and even if they are not so severe, there is a risk of getting infected or leaving unpleasant scars. 

Methyl blue is a substance with antibacterial properties and is also used to disinfect light, superficial wounds. With a sterile dressing soaked in methyl blue, the wound is wiped off, but not aggressive.
The only negative aspect is that, for a limited time, the remedy stains the skin where it is applied.

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