Did you know that sex has these benefits to skin health?

You have definitely heard before that sex is doing wonders for health and beauty.
We also have the arguments that prove this is true. Recent studies show that women who regularly have sex have a more smooth and brighter skin.Sex makes you shine
It's true - sex gives a glow to your skin and skin.
Gloria Bramer, a clinical sexologist, says that sex improves blood circulation, which helps to oxygenate the skin, making it brighter.Prevents the onset of acne
Dr. Bramer also says that sex reduces cortisol levels, the hormone of stress, thus preventing inflammation in the body. The outcome? The skin looks much cleaner.Makes you look more jovial and younger
Sex can turn the time in your favor. Because when you have sex, stimulation of collagen production prevents spots and loss of firmness of the skin.Prevents skin drying
Bramer says many people associate sensuality with a certain age.
"Women's libido decreases dramatically as they get older and get to menopause because hormone levels are low," she says.
Once you get to menopause, the quality of the skin decreases and suddenly you notice that it becomes extremely dry. Instead, regular sex puts the blood in motion and activates all those processes that keep the skin in optimal conditions.

Prevents wrinkles

Do you remember I said that sex stimulates collagen production? This means it helps prevent unwanted wrinkles!
It keeps your pores clean

When swallowing during sex, remove toxins that can cause unsightly blackheads and dots. Cleaning products also help you, but a healthy sex life offers you unexpected benefits from this point of view.
Hydrated menthe

No, that does not mean you can not drink more water all day, but having sex regularly helps your body stay hydrated. As it improves circulation, blood circulates in your body more efficiently, giving skin the moisture it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

Did you know that sex has these benefits to skin health?
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