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On Nov. 8, Jupiter arrives home in the Sagittarius sign! What effects will we all feel ...

The most awaited news of everybody ... Jupiter arrives home, in his sign, the sign of Arcaş, as he was once called on November 8th.Here is the Great Beneficial Benefit, in fact the second best sign, after its sign of exaltation, Cancer, that is why we will all benefit from this cosmic change, after 11 years of waiting, Jupiter the zodiac in 12 years.At home, Jupiter gives us strength for expansion, it depends on which sector is Sagittarius for each of us, now we have the chance to feel that we are opening our wings and getting up.Sagittarius and Jupiter are the same things in essence: divine justice, spirituality, truth, righteousness, courage, openness, foreign, studies, life beliefs, fairness, morality, wisdom, exaggeration, optimism sometimes to the extreme, more suddenl

y, joviality, well-being, humor, generosity.All of these topics can be more common from now until December 2019, when Jupiter will pass into the serious sign of Capricorn.The essential point is that life may seem more normal in the next year because the most important planets in astrology are at home, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn.I would say that it is a balance, not just a warm one, but rather a balanced positivism, a balanced materialization of what we want, but we will be able to see more clearly in this period that we are going to happen what we need to happen , not necessarily what we want, and we understand more easily that what we want is not necessarily for our benefit, but we will finally be satisfied with what has been offered to us.

It's time to receive "punishment" or "reward" ... after 11 years of doing what I thought best, now is the reward of the last years ... surely it depends on how we see this reward, but let's take it as on a correction that can greatly help those who understand what they have to change and understand their mistakes.Now is the time to let go in the direction that the Universe sends you, forcing things, and trying to get something, it will not work ... it is the time when that curiosity of the child rebirth in us and ask "Where does it take me life? Let's see! "And let us look excited at the opportunities that lie ahead.We have an important aspect about Jupiter, the quadrature with Neptune of Pisces, which takes place twice in 2019, which can have a double effect, once we can scatter our illusions and dogmas and some constraints we have taken from our forefathers may be a choice of our own intuition instead of the concepts learned from others, or another variant would be the deepening of such concepts and obstacles that actually pull us back ... depends on each one and how it will experience this aspect.

Let's look briefly in what sector Jupiter passes for each sign and ascendant, and in detail we will enter the horoscope for 2019, which follows soon ...Aries - Long Travel, Higher Education, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, Relationship with Divinity, Visions, Dreams, Morality, Correctness, Wisdom, Foreign and ForeignersTaurus - Money or property of others, taxes and taxes, loans, legacies, secrets, fantasies, the occult side of you or lifeGemini - Associations, marriage, long-term relationship, affiliate business, relationship with others, how others see, processes, contractsCancer - Job, health, daily work, colleagues, food and hygiene, petLeo - Own business, children, pleasure, creativity, passionate love, new love relationships, flirting, fun, financial speculation, sports, hobbies, risk takingVirgo - House, property, land, childhood, family, parents, your past, emotions, subconscious, motherLibra - Mind, thoughts, communication, short trips, transportation, studies, Gentiles, neighbors, knowledgeScorpio - Material, money, goods, self-esteem, and how you value yourself, personal merits, income or lossSagittarius - Ego, your personality, self-interest, physical appearance, inner self, concepts and beliefs about life and self, new directionsCapricorn - Subconscious, isolation, profound analysis, subtleties, intuition, meditation, limitations and releases, chronic diseases, hidden enemies, karmic payments and balances, endsAquarius - Friends, community, masses of people, social groups, ambitions, philanthropy, hopes, goalsFish - Career, profession, honor, status in society, fame, promotion, public institutions, heads, superiors, politics, father. 
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