People like you more than you think, statistics say

Is there anything worse than the initial sharing of general, substance-free, content-free, vibrational conversations you have with people you've just met?
Of course: analysis of the conversation after. Were you boring, dry, terna? Did you make a bad joke? Were you annoying? Fear of a bad first impression is always UNIVERSAL.
But the time has come to calm down, as a study published in Pshychological Science shows that people like more than we think.
This study was attended by people who did not know and who were asked to talk about each other. At the end of the conversation, they were asked to give notes, but also to estimate the note they received.
The results were interesting: it was noticed that the participants underestimated, giving lower grades than they were getting. The difference was more obvious in the case of slightly timid people, as they feel they do not have conversational skills.As a result, specialists are alerting themselves to an alarm.
We tend to neglect the signals that the other person enjoys conversation because we are too involved in thinking about our own performance, self-analysis, what should we say, how should we say, how should we we wear, etc.

This may also be the reason why we immediately forget the name of our interlocutor right after he has presented himself.

The researchers also studied a group of students living together. They gave their grades at the beginning of the academic year, but also a few months after moving them together.

It was noted that the difference between the grade they believed would receive and the one they actually received was very large. Which indicates that the impression people do not like may persist for a long time.
Okay, okay, but the solution?

All the experts tell us the following: If you want to be appreciated, you must first change the way you see yourself. Change your mindset. Then others will begin to admire your beauty! The mind is the organ of change.
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