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The 3 stages of a couple relationship through which you have to go for a really happy relationship

Every couple goes through 3 major stages, and their crossing ensures the longevity of the couple relationship.Phase fusion stage
It is the most intense of the stages, when we are in love, driven by hormones and we have the impression that we have found "The Chance".
It is the stage where everything else says we enjoy, idealize, we still have fantasies generated by the insufficient knowledge of each other and we fuse after discovering the one next to us.
The advantage of this stage is to outline the complicity of the two partners. Passion is what gives us wings and we discover aspects of life we ​​did not know when we were alone.
Obviously, during this period, we rely heavily on attraction. Everyone imagines that if the onset of the relationship is so intense, this is due to the compatibility, that the other corresponds to the ideal that we have in mind.
In other words, instead of knowing each other's authenticity, we submit the image from our minds. The defects are negated by direct comparison with all the qualities we see.
It is ideal to take advantage of this "breath of fresh air," which is, moreover, ephemeral. Because after this period it returns to reality and there is a need to breathe in the couple.

Stage of differentiation in torque
This period can be difficult because we start to see the other in another light, recognizing its shortcomings and even telling us that "it's not as I thought." Sometimes, worse, we get to tell his partner, "I do not understand how I could fall in love."
Once two partners move together and begin to share responsibilities and everyday life, they descend from the new sky with their feet on the ground.
The advantage of this stage is suggested by the return to self, as the contact with its own interests and concerns, in the no couple, comes back.
Without this stage, fusion does not allow the manifestation of the other person's personality until it comes to a time of crisis that can often be dramatic and definitive.
It is not easy to give up the other's idealized image. At the same time, the stage is difficult because differentiation does not occur simultaneously between the two partners. And if one breaks the merger, the other one will feel less loved and appreciated, abandoned by the one who wants to get out of the "suffocating" stage.
At this stage, it is important to come back with courage to ourselves, to detach ourselves from the relationship we are exclusively concerned with and to find our individual passions and concerns.

Authentic approach stage
It is the stage we are aware of and we are committed to making the relationship work through the effort and involvement of everyone.
Now we measure real compatibility and we prepare to have a functional relationship.
The relationship of couple begins to be built by common projects, by the plans we have and to which we work together, constantly. It is important to know what we want for ourselves, but also for the couple we are part of.
The advantage of this stage is the assumed love, where and when we encounter difficulties, we are willing to find solutions to overcome them to contribute to a lasting couple relationship.
Everyone's responsibility is to get out occasionally from the comfort offered by the relationship. Returning to individual projects, but also constantly building some common ones.
Also, regardless of worries and everyday problems, we must not forget the real connection, moments of intimacy, moments in two, far away from routine.
Thus, in the long run, we can have the ideal couple relationship, in which we love and offer security, and we also get them.
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